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    Talking Orionlukteel's TRADE/SALE list! Take a [email protected]@k!

    PLEASE NOTE: It's been a while since I've been able to update this list. Please be patient with inquiries as I have a lot of parts to sort through. Hope to have updated by the end of next week (3/24) Thanks!

    Will trade or sell. Also take PayPal!
    A copy of my wants can be found here:


    ************************************************** **
    Here are my updated HAVES - I WILL sell OR trade.
    ************************************************** **
    ** - added 9/6/05

    Figure stuff:
    Avalanche w/ gun (no antenna)
    Cobra officer - bubble ONLY Nice shape, "officer" visible at edge of bubble
    Crankcase (AWE striker driver) - nice figure w/ helmet & rifle
    Grand Slam v.1- figure ONLY, slight to moderate paint wear, broken left thumb
    Lifeline v.1 - broken crotch, with medipack and gun
    Spearhead - full figure w/helmet, BP C-7+
    Zartan - complete figure w/busted crotch, has chest plate, mask, BP

    Barbecue - BP
    Bazooka - helmet, BP
    Blowtorch - BP
    Countdown - gun, hook
    Destro v.1 - BP
    Dr. Mindbender - black box w/wand
    Dusty - rifle, no bipod; BP
    Fast Draw - missile x1
    Leatherneck v.1 (or SMB) - rifle
    Mainframe v.1/SMB - computer x3
    Major Bludd - BP
    Mutt v.1- mask, helmet
    Psyche-Out (v.1) - ground unit, BP (bare)
    Ripcord - chute
    Roadblock v.1 - BP, ammo pouch/cover
    Spirit - BP
    Toxo-Viper - BP (with intact tanks), helmet, rifle, hose
    Tripwire - BP (no mines), **BP w/all 3mines
    Tunnel Rat - BP (no flashlights), rifle x2, TNT bag
    Wetsuit v.1/SMB - breather hose, BP x2, flashlight x2, jet sled x2
    Zartan- acc pack pistol (green) x2, chest plate

    File Cards: ($1.00 each shipped unless otherwise noted)
    Airborne - stained
    Barbecue - $2 (tight cut, no dashes)
    Beach Head - rough cut
    Cobra Commander (hooded) - tight cut but OK - $2
    Cobra HISS driver - sloppy cut
    Crazylegs - uncut (lower half of cardback)
    Destro (Battle Corps v.1) - rough cut
    Dial Tone - punched in lower left (thru logo)
    Dojo (Ninja Force) - smooth cut
    Dusty(lousy condition - torn and re-taped, but legible - FREE w/ order
    Falcon - rough cut
    Fast Draw - uncut (lower half of cardback)
    Flint - good cut
    Hawk v.2 - punched in lower left (thru logo)
    Keel Haul v.2 - clean cut
    Lifeline - punched in lower left (thru logo)
    Recondo - uneven cut, torn paper(still attached) on back - 50 cents
    Roadblock (recalled launcher version) - rough cut $3
    Storm Shadow (Ninja Force)- slightly rough cut
    T'JBang (Ninja Force) - uneven cut
    Torch - stained - 50 cents
    Tripwire (stain over word "specialist", specifically the "cialis" part- still

    **FULL CARDBACKS (make an offer - I most likely will accept anything):
    Cobra Commander (Talking, 1991) - nice back, left and upper right of bubble area missing
    Crimson Guard Immortal - back is nice, front is missing cardboard in bubble area (ask for pics)
    Desert Scorpion (1990) - nice back, front: upper right of bubble outline is missing, some print still attached.
    Grunt (1990) back: nice, but creased in upper left; front: print is present but crumpled in upper right of bubble area. Combat Pay/Universal Studios offer sticker on front
    Incinerators (1990) - nice back, front: right middle, lower left missing print
    Skydive (Sky Patrol, 1989) - nice back, small creasing; front:tears in litho (ask for pictures)
    Snow Serpent (1990) - nice back, front missing outline of bubble
    Snow Serpent (1990) - nice back, some print folded over at top of bubble area (still attached)
    Storm Shadow (Ninja Force) - nice back, front missing only bubble outline

    Vehicle parts:

    Vehicle Accessory Pack #1 - Devilfish torpedo x8 (gray), Triple T missile x3(gray)(+ 4 painted black, fading), Snow Cat Missile x 6 (green), SnowCat skipedo x4 (green, w/ dark gray skis), Tomahawk missile x10 (gray)

    APC - steering wheel, cannon

    Avalanche - missile x2

    Battle Bunker - roof, right wall (viewed from front)

    Bivouac - equipment rack, cot (no legs), canopy (no base or poles)

    Bomb disposal unit - bomb x7 (!)

    Buzz Boar - missile x3, cannon x1, **1 complete Buzz Boar

    Checkpoint Alpha - gate

    Claw Glider - bomb (white) x5, missile (gray) x2, top gun x3,engine cover x8, wing extension x3, flaps x8, front double flap, landing gear x 5

    Coastal Defender - missile x8, chair x2

    Conquest X-30- 5 gray drop missiles (missing caps), 11 yellow missiles, front landing gear strut, large top access cover, left canard/foward wing

    Darklon's Evader - black missile x2

    Desert Fox - orange missile x7

    **Desert Strike Apache - left landing gear w/ wheel

    Devilfish - gray missiles x14, torpedo x6(+1 faded), engine upper yoke x2, lower yoke x1, back hose panel, guns x4, 1 set upper& lower yoke w/ engines (no covers, faded)

    Dragonfly - long missiles x11, engine covers: Lx2, Rx1, side cannon w/ hose x3, exhaust panel, bombs x7 (1 painted black, wearing off), 2 rotor to axle connectors, 1 white rotor button

    Dreadnok Air Skiff - missiles x3, propeller housing x2, cannons x 5

    Dreadnok Swampfire - rotor blade x2, driver's side bulkhead

    Dreadnok Trike - missile x 5, handlebars w/ green mount, green seat x2, purple cannon, pink hearts, yellow moons , red exhaust pipe x1, red sideguards x2

    Eliminator (BF2000) - top platform (canadian) w/cannon and all supports, missiles x 8 (green), laser cannon (black) x1, brush bar (black), wheel x1

    SM Equalizer - cone radar (radar part ONLY), rear half of turret

    Fang - missiles x9, bombs x5

    Forward Observer - mortar w/ bipod and base (no cap) x2, ammo case, computer w/ antenna (no antenna ball)

    Ghost Striker - tail fin x2, **nose cone

    Ice Sabre - small blue launcher w/ missile (blue), ski x2, large launcher w/ broken mounting tabs (ask for detail)

    (Jump- platform (broken lattice on one corner), foot x2, power station x2, laser (missing sight))

    Locust (General version) - lower cockpit window, missile (yellow)

    Mamba - multiples of all missiles (1 95% full set missing 1 bomb only plus assorted others), exhaust x2 (1 complete, 1 missing center attachment), 1 engine cover

    Manta windsurfer - missile x6, 2 full boards with outrigger and spans, extra span x1, extra outrigger x2, sail crossbrace x2, backpack x1,upper mast x1

    (Mauler - bogey wheel w/inner wheel (one tab broken, but functional), engine cover x1, compartment cover x1, left side wheel skirt, cannon lower half)

    Pogo - missile (silver)

    Moray - **hatch x1, **turret chair w/gun

    Mountain Howitzer - blast shield

    Mudfighter - bomb rack x1, bomb x7, right side wing/wheel

    Night Raven - tail fin, drone shell (no hatch or guns)

    Night Shade - rudder x1 (red)

    Night Stinger - 2 missiles (1 missing 1 fin), roof, rear platform x2

    Pac-Rat flamethrower
    Pac-Rat missile launcher
    Pac-Rat machine gun
    Pac-Rat remotes, not ID'ed yet
    Pac-Rat - MANY parts for all three - ask!

    Persuader missile x16 (yellow), small cannon, large cannon x4, front push bar

    Cobra Pogo Ball - leg x3, turret cannon x1, brown base x2, thrusters x4, seat, silver cord

    Polar Battle Bear - (engine cover x2 , hood x1, missile x3, roll bar x1, cannon x1)

    Rage - mine chamber x2

    Rattler VTOL - small missile (black) x8, spotlight x1

    Recon LCV - 2 nearly complete, missing half of front tread and antennas,
    1 shell
    2 98% complete, missing periscope

    Rifle Range - target, sandbag base x1

    Sea Ray - missiles x way too many to count, rear stabilizer, weight, engine cover

    Serpentor's Chariot - serpent shield x 2, rudder x1

    Skystorm X-Wing Chopper - blue bomb x1

    Skystriker - driver's side tail fin ,**small missile x1, **medium missile x1, **large missile x2, **seat

    SLAM - 2 complete tanks, each with all 10 missiles and supports

    Stellar Stilletto - small missile (silver) x2, large missile (silver) x2, cannon, hose (silver) x1

    Transportable Tactical Battle Platform (TTBP) - missile x 13 (one or two have pegs stuck in them, haven't tried to remove them), small red ladder x2, spotlight, **both platform hatches

    Terrordrome-2 lower halves of door cannons, 1 fold-down door w/ broken tab, 1 gun door strut, 1 small chair, 1 fuel platform (all outside pegs and gas peg intact but 2 small nubs at nozzle notch are broken)

    Tiger Fly - thin missile (red) x3, right engine cover x2, chin gun, canopy

    Tiger Paw - 4 wheels w/ tires, small rear seat cover

    Tiger Rat - non-damage skinny panel x2

    Tiger Sharc - turret (no machine gun)

    Trouble Bubble - control handles x2, seat, jet pack (w/ fins but no sway bar)

    USS Flagg - **bow ladder (EXCELLENT condition)

    Vamp - gas can x2, gas can rack x2, cannon turret (no cannon) (turret x2, cannon x3 (all have rough/worn barrels), gas can rack)

    Vamp Mark II - gas can #1 (no stickers)

    Water Moccasin - torpedo glass

    Whirlwind - control panel and handgrips

    Wolverine - bottom half of turret (no clip, no missile launchers), engine cover x1, missile x 17 (gray)

    Zartan's Swamp Skiier - trailer (multiple unbroken), tow rope (3-4 unbroken), engine, ** 1 skiier 95% complete - missing handlebars, shell is dirty/discolored, with tow rope and box (good pegs)

    More vehicle parts to come - watch this space!
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    PM Sent!!!!
    "He who dies with the most toys wins!" -Unknown

    Top Five Wants: 1. 92 Gold Head Steel Brigade Accessories 2. Terror Drome Cannon Mount 3. Skystriker Parachutes 4. Air Devil Gun 5. Low Light bi-pod

    Trade List: Click Here


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