Newly updated trade list

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    Newly updated trade list


    Check my want list of GI Joe, Marvel, DC, and Star Trek wants.

    Cobra Officer- gun (trade only)
    Shortfuze- mortar
    Grunt- gun (light gray)

    Roadblock- 2 ammo boxes, tripod, pack (broken peg for tripod)
    Spirit- pack x2
    Zartan- pack, right thigh pad (trade only for something of "equal" value)
    Duke- gun (brkoen stock)

    Barbecue- pack, ax
    Dusty- gun, pack
    Quick Kick- pack
    Tele Viper- pack
    Torch- pack
    Ripper- pack
    Buzzer- ax (broke handle)

    Sci Fi- pack x2
    Beachhead, gun, pouch (broken strap)
    Mainframe- pack x2 (one has broken antenna), computer
    Dial Tone- gun x2 (one has broken butt)

    Crazylegs-gun stock (trade only)
    Jinx- pack
    Outback- pack x2, gun x2 (no strap on either)
    Red Dog- pack
    Mercer- gun
    Sneak Peek- tower (complete)

    TF Recondo- gun (broken tip)
    TF Lifeline- pack
    Spearhead- helmet
    Shockwave- pack
    Toxo Viper- pack x3 (all broken)
    Blizard- ski

    Python Patrol Officer- gun (broken tip)
    SM Footloose-pack, gun (no strap)
    89 Snake Eyes- one nunchuck end
    Sonic Viper- gold Annihilator-type gun
    Bullhorn- megaphone
    Sub Zero- gun, bipod (broken foot)
    Freefall- mask (hose peg broken off)
    Capt. Grid Iron- helmet
    Shy Patrol Altitude-pack (no chute)
    Track Viper-gun (trade only)
    Static Line-pack (no chute)
    Big Ben- gun (chewed?)
    90 General Hawk- helmet
    Sonic Zap-cannon
    Night Creeper- pack (middle prong broke)
    Ozone (maroon)- helmet
    Eco Flint-helmet
    91 Sci Fi- bazooka
    Barricade- pack
    93 Leatherneck- black knife
    TRU Destro- black disks x2
    Anti Venom Life Line- sled front shield
    Big Brawler- pack
    2001 Big Ben-green pack
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    PM sent!
    Selling/Trading away the following toy lines:
    95-01 Star Wars, Original Indiana Jones

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    From your $3 list, I'd be interested in the 92 Roadblock, and Supersonic Road Pig.

    From your $2 list, I'd be interested in the Big Boa.

    From your $1 list, I'd be interested in Heavy Duty.

    If all of those are still available, of course.


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