GI Joe Cobra Special

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    GI Joe Cobra Special

    Coming out on Sept 30th is the very uniquely designed Cobra Special.

    Share your thoughts here.
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    The Watchmen may have been an inspiration to the creators. But the comic (From your description) sounds a lot like the characters themselves. I mean they were supposed to be mirror images of one another. Their names, uniforms even their hair style were mirror reflections. They were even packaged (Classic and ME) with Mylar reflections to emphasize the point.

    It makes sense that a comic about mirror image twins be laid out the same way.

    I really like the cleverness of it and am really looking forward to reading it.
    "Vipers! They're always fun!"

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    Despite the suggestion to read the comic from both ends, I actually read the issue straight through and found it to be fantastic that way. It reads beautifully as a rise and subsequent fall story. Besides, the Xamot part really all takes place in chronological order this way... Where the Tomax story tells of the twins building together, Xamot's story tells of them falling apart. It "begins" with Chuckles for him. If you need to read it from both ends to appreciate the relfection, you miss the chronolgy.

    All-in-all, a fantastic issue. I hope this series continues, as the Cobra series has been, to me, the best of the 3 series from IDW so far.

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    Josh, great write-up on this book. Although I haven't read it yet, I am looking forward to doing so, and I am glad you wrote this review to point out the book's uniqueness. In fact, I think this whole GI JOE: Cobra mini-series has been incredible. Very dark and edgy. IDW needs to put this creative team, the whole team, onto more GI JOE work immediately. This has been some of the best GI JOE stories in comics since Hama's early work on the series.

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    unique format? sure its unique. and very creative
    story? its a nice twist, but frankly i like the comic Third World War much better.
    ( not the GIJOE one) this story reminded me of that title.
    I guess the main thing that turned me off to this book is the art.
    It just isnt a style I really like.
    If this had been some other title and I liked the subject matter but I started paging through it I would have put it down, I have done so with many Star Wars titles.
    I almost now almost mind you..thought I was watching a flashback episode or something. We already saw this story in Cobra. This particular storyline just hasnt hooked me like the other IDW titles sort of have. Not interested to see what happens to Chuckles or the twins or any of the characters in this.
    I was bored.

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    The whole point about the Mirror image issue of the Cobra is that it is unique and can be read from several different directions and can be a great story either way.

    Skinny, sorry you were bored but in that issue there is a tons of stuff going on below the surface especially with Xamot and one reading doesn't give the issue credit.

    Corey thanks. IDW is defintly rocking out good Joe books. No doubt.
    GI Joe comic fan since 1982.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antarctica

    Skinny, sorry you were bored but in that issue there is a tons of stuff going on below the surface especially with Xamot and one reading doesn't give the issue credit.
    it was definitely unique and creative (no sarcasm in previous post) but the whole Xamot is realizing he is disillusioned and facing a huge turning point in his life plotline didnt surprise me at all. The way the twins came to power didnt either (check out the Third World War series) Was it different as far as a GIJoe tale? absolutely. These are new twins and Xamots fall and Tomax's brainwashing and obliviousness to the true situation, do make for a unique twist. Unfortunately though I just cant get immersed in the whole Chuckles/twins tapestry. I am really tired of heroes and villains who are gray, in pop culture. We see it so much anymore that it doesnt hold any originality for me. Heroes can be flawed and villains as well , without being typically conflicted. American Gods is a great example of this, at least as much as I have read that is I cant finish it. I love Neil Gaiman's stuff ( mirrormask) and heard this was a great book but after two years I am only half way through it.
    As far as art goes Atkins is the best IDW has on these right now, just look at the latest cover of Snake Eyes compared to the variant cover. The artist is just as important to the story as the writer and I am just not feeling Fuso's art.
    I do agree it was a change of pace to lay out the book in this manner. and took guts to do so, but the story just didnt grab me. was it deeper than the surface? you bet. did I catch the subtleties in one read? yup. Now when is issue 10 of Joe coming out?

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    It was a very interesting issue. Apparently, after his face was scarred Xamot developed some serious issues that no one knows about not even his brother.

    I miss the old Extensive Enterprises logo...the one with the back-to-back mirror-image "E". This new one is just boring. However, their new motto is
    brilliant! In case someone actually missed it it's a palindrome (like "Bolton" )
    "Are we not drawn onward to new era?" Heh.

    The bits from their original filecards (Corsica, Foreign Legion) were nicely weaved into their backgrounds although I didn't see any mention of time spent in Zurich.

    All in all, a somewhat informative issue on what motivates the twins and what makes them different from one another. Clearly, they aren't the same.


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    Thumbs up Intresting Comic IDW - Tomax & Xamot

    Very nice job IDW, Hasbro and everyone involved.

    I really liked the story on the Crimson Twins !


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