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    Crimson Trade/Sale List

    For Trade For Sale pictures by spadi420 - Photobucket

    Vehicles don't come with drivers or BP unless noted, of course. Prices do not include shipping. Feel free to make best offers on the vehicles, don't be shy, but I ain't taking half list price. If you need pictures of anything, don't hesitate to ask:

    Rolling Thunder missing quite a bit, but good start and good condition-$25

    Mobats- One has little gun but it is craked but stays in place. The other 1 w/o little gun but otherwise complete. Not sure if they work but I think so. If you buy both I have another parts Mobat I will throw in free-$20 each

    Lots of BF 2000 vehicles- complete vehicles with BP and some with boxes. Tell me what you are looking for I almost have eveyon- make best offer

    HAVOC- 1 complete-only front wheels broken but will sit for display-$20 and 1 other for parts

    TTBP- just missing guns I believe and is very slightly yellowing.-$35

    MORAY-missing 4 rear guns, lens and needs new bottom to missle pod-$35

    Locust(not the General version)-several varying con. and completeness-$5-$10

    Dragonfly- body only good for parts-$10 and other misc. parts ask for what you are looking for and pricing

    1 Wolverine complete minus TR and has been repaired at hitch-$20

    Lots of WHALE shells and parts. Let me know what parts you need for pricing

    2 Complete Serpentor's Chariots-$15

    3 DEMONs/w Destro Despoiler all in good shape cept one search light is missing a peg but stays-$35

    Multiple Despoilers loose-$10-$15 depending on condition and completeness

    Complete Mamba good condition-$35

    5 IMPs 3 complete and good shape,2 almost complete for parts or restore-$15 for the good ones

    Razorback complete and good shape-$30

    2 Persuader's complete loose good condition-$15

    Swampmasher with box VGC-$22

    2 Skystorms complete but propellers are broken-$15 each

    AGP missing engine covers and missiles-$20

    2 Battle Bear Skimobiles good for parts-$5 each

    Load of Mamba parts- Let me know what you need for individual pricing. I have pods, missiles and a tail fin-take the whole lot $20

    Jump Set deck parts and arms, pretty rough x2-$5 for all parts

    Night Raven and extra parts- Complete plane only missing 2 pod missiles, one pods little vain is broken off and front gear is missing and tabs are broken otherwise, complete with top cover,drone and tail wings. Have several good, complete drones and one set of tail fins. Drones-$10 each Tail fin set-$15

    Water Moccasin- Pm for condition only missing sled missile-$15

    Desert Fox 6wd- Only missing antenna and front turn axle is loose-$20

    Biouvac with BP- only missing machete and tip to antenna for radio-$15

    Forward Observer Unit with box and BP original plastic- only missing antenna tip to radio and 1 green stand some stickers on sheet unapplied-$20

    ASP-just a parts body-$3

    PP ASP also just parts-$5

    Darklon's Evader x2 complete. Good condition-$15

    Arctic Blast x2 complete. Good condition-$15

    Mudfighter-3 complete one has very few stickers and wing does has one broken tab-$15-$10

    MISB Figures:

    MISB Iceberg no FC with the Rock Viper rifle variant-$35

    2010 Joe Con Figures all MISB and with FC:

    Flint $25

    Interrogator $30


    Whole set of 2010 Con. Red Torch FC's only

    Whole set of 2010 Con. Red Shadows FC's only

    07 Rip It con. fig. Filecard ONLY no figure-$20 still in plastic

    Uncut Starduster FC-$40 one small tick off the back and one very small stray mark on the front
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    Sending a pm
    "You can do it, Grunt. You've got to do it, man." - Zap (Marvel #4)

    My wants

    ***/ (5#)####

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    Finally got updated pics of pretty much everything for trade up. Pictures of things besides whats listed so check them out. Working on it all the time. Also working on the want list so get with me if you see something you might want. PM me for more info on anything or with interests.
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    DTC Rhino is gone.

    Traded the DTC RHINO. Took a beating but she's gone. Bumping the rest.

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    Updated some pics. Got Conquest parts and a complete one only missing RF canard wing it's missing rear big wings but they are there, Night Raven parts as well as, a complete NIGHT RAVEN only missing front gear and pegs on one side broken off front gear retainer and alot of MCC parts added. Check it out. Plus, I got POC Shock Troopers as well looking to mainly trade for vintage figures right now. I have too much overstock on vehicle parts to sort out already so I am really only focusing on figs now. Thanks for looking.
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    Updated with Pics of almost Complete Night Raven and Conquest.

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    I have a nice start to a Rolling Thunder and Roboskull(also just a start) that I will be adding pics of shortly.

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    Stuff added...I am trying to decide what else get rid of on some other Com/NrCom vehicles, so LMK what you might be looking for I might have it. Thanks. Trade or SELL$ make reasonable offer. Baby coming in October...

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    Depending on price I'd be interested in the Outpost Defender parts and Surveillance Port blueprints. LMK
    My trade thread:
    My Ecrater store:
    I need:
    Lee's AFN files #'s 1,2,3,6,68,78,79,80,82-97,99-102,111,112-119, 121 and up.
    LMK what you have?


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