Drew's Joe Want list....(Vintage and 25th)


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    Drew's Joe Want list....(Vintage and 25th)

    I cannot afford to keep up with BST pages on so many sites these days. I put my wants list here on my own website...


    You can also see my full BST there.
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    I have these:

    Gung-Ho 1983 - don't need gun
    Zartan 1984 - need figure complete (missing one thigh pad)
    Hardtop 1987 - need 100% (have pistol)
    Tunnel-Rat 1988 - Night Force, need fig

    Vintage Vehicle/Playsets wanted most right now:
    Some accessories not needed (noted below). Figures not needed unless requested above.

    APC 1983 - want 100%
    H.I.S.S. 1983 - want 100% (but I should be able to fix non-elevating guns)
    Chameleon 1984 - missing box
    Rattler 1984 - need 100%
    A.W.E. Striker 1985 - want 100%
    Transportable Tactical Battle Platform 1985 - can be missing guns and rack
    Selling, buying, and trading GI Joes since 1990. Well buying since 1984 . . .

    Site is under construction, but please check my inventory at:

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    If youre still looking, I have a 1983-cobra ,emblem is nice joints are tight except the left knee is starting to loosen.also got 1985-Snake Eyes sword &quick kick from the 25th dvd set. if you are intrested hit me back with an offer. Thanks


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