Ebay sellers who don't combine shipping?


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    Ebay sellers who don't combine shipping?

    First off let me say that yes I know if the auction does not state that combined shipping is available then one should not assume it is. That being said....

    I recently won 3 auctions, a MMC almost complete with box closed for a very low $15, I snagged it mainly for the box and plan on dumping the MMC. He had a few other auctions closing so I figured why not and got a Night Ray mostly complete for $50 and a Night Viper for $4.50.

    I receive the various auction notices about them so I email him asking for a total.

    My reply.....each auction lists the shipping total, add them all up and thats your total. Huh.....excuse me?

    So I reply and question him, I stress I wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything just looking for a fair deal. In his reply he says he goes by what the auction says regardless if its good or bad for him, so in this cause because the auctions didn't specify combined shipping he wouldn't offer it, even though everything can easily fit within the MMC box.

    Personally I find this quite rude, in a situation like this he's obviously out looking to make back what he lost in the auctions in the shipping.

    So just to be sure I went back and looked at the auctions and saw that the Night Viper auction does state combined shipping on Joe toys....hmmm....did I catch him? I'm gonna be a dick about it if I have to, I don't mind paying a bit extra but I won't pay him $5 extra to toss the Night Viper in the box.

    Ebay ID: l5r_trader for those who are interested.

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    If he wants to be a dick then be a dick right back. I would say since i am paying for each items shipping then I want 3 seperate packages. lol
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    Yeah but he'll still make money when he sends three seperate packages. That's his main purpose. I won 3 yu gi oh cards for my girlfriend's brother and the guy charged 3x 6$. So that's 18$ for three stupid cards!!! He wouldn't come down from that. I too don't know what to do, get the neg or pay him...

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    I may do that thunt, just to screw with him, he will still make some $$$ but not as much. I can at least understand it with the vehicles but how can you justify charging $5 to ship a single figure when your mailing a MCC to the same person....I mean really.

    Part of the my ebay Shipping annoyances, and maybe this one is fair but I won this auction and the guy wants $94 to ship them.....for those who ship bulk, does this at least seem reasonable? I think he said UPS Group from Oregon.


    I bought the collection for the Crimson HISS and decent cheap figures but that much shipping really kills the good deal I got.

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    I think that's a pretty fair shipping price. There are a lot of heavyer items in it and he'll send out in a couple of boxes. If it's ground, it might be a little less but I don't think he's making that much on it...

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    He checked USPS Parcel Post and it was like $35 more, oh well....I guess I should have thought about that before I bid

    On the other deal, I checked his ebay feedback and he had received a few Neutrals before about charging $35 to ship some records when the postage on them was only $4.50, of course he said well the auction stated X and left the guy a negative in response.

    I really don't want to get 3 Negatives but I've got a high enough feedback that it won't hurt too much, where-as this guy's % will take a good hit with 3 negs tacked on

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    Don't pay the extra 35$ if he stated it was less. He's ripped off people, let him stick to his discription...

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    Well he checked cause I asked him too, this is the $94 shipped one though, I'll just do that one UPS for $94.

    On the other I'll probably just stick it to him like was suggested above.

    Too bad you can't cancel your bid after the fact and be off the hook so no feedback danger and all that.

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    Yeah true, the feedback system sucks big time. It's a sellers protection instead of buyers protection.

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    i always combines shipping at a cheap price.and i shipp within 24-48 hours of payment.i know some shipp when they feel like it.fast payment=fast shipment thats how i do it the right way.i wish more people would catch on to this.


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