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    Wow, not one reply! So much for the warm welcome the fans are giving this book.
    This issue sucked too. I'm done after this. I'm going back to the main series.

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    I bought this thing today. On a positive note I enjoyed the art. The storyline blows. These stories are reminiscent of the crappy UK Action Force comics from the 80's. The low point was the look of love shared between Scarlett and Duke. What a crock of ... well you know what I would type if I could. Devil's Due has got to kill this book and bring back Frontline.

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    Thumbs down

    The "look of love" between Scarlett and Duke was the only part of this comic I've liked so far. At least she is interested in a man who's human, and not practically a "super-hero". The rest pretty much "blows chunks".

    I'm with you, Dreadnok4Life. For the Love of God, D.D. has to bring back FRONTLINE!!!

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    I would like to see it back, but maybe change it from an "untold tales book" to a short story series.

    Or, ideally, maybe DD could have a main series, and the occasional mini?

    I agree, Reloaded is horrid. It tries to hard to be sophisticated, and comes off as more juvenile.

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    It wasn't that I really care who Scarlett wants to get naughty with. LOL It's just the story line frickin' sucks and now they want to start a stupid romance in the middle of the thing. Plus the timing of "The look" was ridiculous. Beachhead is Pt'ing them to death and that make Scarlett horny? What a twisted redhead she must be. And why don't girls like that work out at my gym?

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    I can't imagine why they didn't get Hama to write Reloaded. Didn't he say he wanted to do a story with a stripped down cast, free of Hasbro shoving new figures down his throat every few months? Reloaded seems the perfect opportunity.

    I really want to dump this book, but I keep thinking they will pull Rieber and all of a sudden it will become good.

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    I havn't read a issue of Reloaded yet, but who was the traitor?

    And has Zartan apperaed yet?
    Good, soldier.


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