Less than 2 weeks to ship. Am I a deadbeat?


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    Less than 2 weeks to ship. Am I a deadbeat?

    I posted some stuff on Ebay the Friday before the 4th of July holiday weekend and everyone used the "buy it now" the very same day. Well the P.O. wasn't open on Monday and I didn't notice they even sold on Saturday.

    Well I come back to my computer on Tuesday the 5th and everything is bought and paid for.

    I wait for the Paypal to clear my bank account (three days) and sent the stuff out the following Monday Priority Mail. (Most places it will arrive in two-three days.)

    Now a few bidders are totally furious with me saying they are gonna leave bad feedback because I didn't send it the instant I got the Paypal. I didn't even notice they ended until Tuesday the 5th, four days after the auction ended. I was on vacation as so many people are on the 4th of July.

    I've been burned before with Paypal, I ship and then the bidder reverses the charges or their bank account denies the charge. (E-check) So I wait until that money is in my account, then shipped the following business day. I guess I shoulda sent it on Saturday, but I didn't realize they would get so damn freaked out.

    I know when I buy stuff on Ebay it takes well over two weeks, sometimes three until I get it. So why are they freaking out over less than two weeks? (5 business days)

    Am I a deadbeat?

    (All this is because the holiday made for an extra long weekend.)

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    Looking at it from a buyers point of view I would be a little PO as well. If I bought and paid for an auction on the 2nd or 3rd and it was not shipped until the 12th I would be a little ugly. If it was paid with by e-check that is a little different becuase an e-check takes longer to clear. But if it was just a normal PayPal payment I would expect that I go out no latter than the middle of the week.

    What I normally try to do is if I am going to be away for a number of days in a row then I would not list anything. Reason being I know I will not be able to fulfill my end of the transaction.

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    Communication is the key. You were irresponsible in not keeping tabs on your auctions and notifying the buyers that you had recieved their payments. Are you a deadbeat? No, you shipped the items, and a week for shipment is not too bad. I don't really think that 7-10 days in "untimely" for shipment, but you would probably be in a different situation if you had e-mailed all the buyers within 24 hours of the items selling and told them that you had recieved their payment and their package would ship on such and such a date, or as soon as payment cleared, or whatever.
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    For one with paypal once its in your account its yours, they can't reverse it as you seem to think. You can deny it or you can send it back but once they send it thats it. As stated above its good to let them know whats going on, Nothing like waiting around for something and you have no clue whats going on.
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    IMO, it was a little irresponsible to list items with BIN over a holiday weekend, and then not check them for several days. I can see why the buyers would be upset. Personally, it is not something that I would throw a fit over or flip out and leave negative feedback because of it, but their compliant is valid. There are so many crooks on ebay now, that it seems almost the norm that you are considered a criminal first, and a good seller second. Even people with spotless feedback can screw you if they feel like it. Some people are just gunshy about that kind of thing, so in the future you should pay closer attention to avoid anyone smearing your name over something as minor as this. Just my 2 cents. I would not call you a deadbeat...everyone makes mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danyanda
    Communication is the key.
    I agree with this 100%. When auctioning you are responsible. You being out of town is not my business. You are not a deadbeat, but your customers do not have psychic powers to know your situation. Communicate! Even if **** hits the fan and you cannot ship for a month, but you communicate honestly to your customers you will get a lot of goodwill and understanding. Being silent is only backfiring and once a customer starts complaining you are in a position of defense, which is always worse than taking initiative.

    As a buyer when I pay quick I want it shipped quicked. As a seller I do the same to my customers. For me quick shipment is within 7 days after payment. Within 7 days everybody has a chance to see a postoffice. I can only get to a postoffice on saturdays, somebody paying me on sunday has got to wait almost a week. I will ALWAYS communicate this in my invoice. Large professional sellers I expect to ship within 4 days after payment: they are in it for the money and so should have their business sorted out better than occasional small individuals.

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    I actually did email them on Tuesday the 5th. I let them know that as soon as the E-checks cleared I would send.

    I didn't think my auctions would all sell that quickly, that's never happened before.

    E-checks clear their account as soon as they do it, but on my end it takes a few days to clear. So I don't think I was in the wrong waiting.

    But I sent them five business days after getting notification, I don't think that's a long time.

    But oh well, already got a nutrual. I don't care anymore.

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    From reading your story you did the right thing!

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    5 Business days is not bad. Seeing how you were out of town and 4th of July. And buyer's need to remember Holidays also. As for listing a BIN over the Holiday don't get on his case. Many people do it and demand immediate payment and wait a week to ship. Heck a lot of people demand i.p. and take a week or longer to ship. Sorry if you are demanding that then you should ship the next day.

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    Screw the buyers. You are in the right. Unless you state in your description that the items go out immediately then they have no leg to stand on. You send them when you send them. You sent them in a timely manner. Especially if they paid with an e-check.

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