San Diego ComiCon exclusives policy change

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    Arrow San Diego ComiCon exclusives policy change

    In case you are heading to the San Diego ComiCon this weekend, the show staff are enforcing a raffle only policy on all exclusives. They are doing this for safety reasons.

    Retailers are forbidden to sell exclusives on a first come, first serve basis.

    They even sent security to booths like NECA to stop them from selling the Hordak and switch it to a raffle.

    This policy was announced a couple of days ago but no one actually believed it would happen.

    So be prepared for longer lines and angry Con goers.
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    thats so stupid, its like when ticketmaster started doing a raffle instead of first come first served. As always with a raffle the last guy to show up will be the first guy picked.
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    Just got back from is a collectors's had to get your badge stamped to get a ticket for the raffle.


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