So I have a solid black version of 1992-1993 Wild Bill's hat. This hat is not in the WHOBIT system here. It IS pictured in the RAHC guide's accessory section, but it is not pictured or actually listed with any figures. This hat is NOT the one that came with Night Force Wild Bill and the Night Grizzly, nor is it from the VvV Wild Bill (his hat is much smaller). In fact, the only figure it would have come with that makes sense is the Wild Bill from the Locust in 2002 since that's the 1992 mold, but he is listed on YoJoe and RAHC as only being available with the blue hat (in two different molds, at that).

So what's up with this black 1992 Wild Bill hat? Is there some variation that included it but isn't listed anywhere? Is it some knockoff that RAHC randomly decided to picture and number but not assign to any figure?

(And anyone want to trade an actual Night Force Wild Bill cowboy hat for it, assuming it's not some valuable rarity?)

Thanks for any help!