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    Flag Points Podcast

    Just wanted yojoers to know about our podcast. Search for Flag Points on iTunes or check us out here: Flag Points
    We're just 2 fans having fun! Hope you enjoy it!

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    Hi everyone -
    Episode 2 is now up on our podbean page http://flagpoints.podbean.com/ and it will sync to iTunes shortly. If you subscribe in iTunes, you can get it now. Now would be a good time as the first person to answer Don's quiz correctly will win a sealed ME fig from an upcoming wave due to us in Aug/Sept. -- some are refreshes, but they're cool refreshes! HUGE thanks to Joel from bigbadtoystore.com for hooking us up with fresh merch! Thanks to Joel, we can do give aways for many more shows to come.
    We also take another stroll down memory toy aisle, talk about news and customs we like and generally chat it up re: G.I. Joe. Please send us feedback and keep tuning in! We have some exciting plans.

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    Congrats to Gary from WOJM for answering the question correctly! He'll get a fig from BBTS. Thanks, Joel!
    The question was, Name the fighter pilot (82-94) who was a Navy man. Guess for fun if you want!

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    Thanks Dave!
    What's on JOE Mind?
    A fancast about the world of GI JOE - the #1 and longest running Joe only podcast on the Internet!

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    Episode 3

    Episode 3 is up on podbean - http://flagpoints.podbean.com - and iTunes subscribers can get it now. Should be individually downloadable for non-subscribers later today. This one veers from the format quite a bit! Should be a fun listen, though. The next one (or epi 5) should have a very exciting interview with someone extremely important to the Joe community, but I don't want to "jinx" it! That is not a clue, im just not very superstitious Stay tuned and subscribe!!
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    Episode 4 is up... http://flagpoints.podbean.com/ What can I say about it that's good? Let me see... It's short!
    Seriously - First person to answer Don's question wins a sealed ME Joe fig yet to hit the pegs at large! We do talk about little details we've noticed in the vintage toy line, our thoughts on several news items and generally loose it for unknown reasons. We'll be back with episode 5! Stay tuned...
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    I won't bump my own thread needlessly, but the BBTS Joe fig is still up for grabs for Epi. #4! See if you can answer Don's question, then be the first to email the answer to [email protected]. Good luck!!

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    Ok, y'all - Barring any issues (hurricane?) Flagpoints 5 will feature an interview with comic book artist and writer Herb Trimpe! I plan to post it early next week. We will rec. on Sun. Make sure you don't miss this one!! Flag Points

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    Episode 5 is up. This is a 1-hr. episode featuring Don's real-life bro, Tim. We talk about Joe memories, the TRU C-130, 1984 Montgomery Ward wishbook Joe prices and a ton more! Looking forward to having Gary from WOJM on episode 6. The Herb Trimpe interview had to be postponed due to Irene. We hope to interview him soon! Enjoy and for goodness sake people, email us with quiz answers! The old one is still out there and we just put another Sunbow-related one out there. Win a free fig from BBTS!
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    That is pretty sweet! Thanks
    Bring back at least one classic O-Rings exclusive figure to the gi joe international convention each year!


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