Anyone interested in Ring Raiders?

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    Anyone interested in Ring Raiders?

    I just recently received my Ebay auction in which there were (6) individual 4-packs, in multiples of 3 (18 4-packs). All packs are still sealed. I will be keeping one of each for myself, while the other 12 4-packs will be up for grabs. Email me if interested & I'll give more details or pics on request. I will be looking to trade only; please see my wantlist in the Wanted Forum.


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    What exactly are these?

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    Here is a link to a site I found for them. A little larger than Micro Machines with sweet paintjobs

    I have available:

    The Rescue Wing
    The Freedom Wing
    The Bravery Wing
    The Havoc Wing
    The Vicious Wing
    The Rebel Wing

    As well as some loose/single jets.
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    Anyone else??

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    Anyone? Anyone?



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