if Larry Hama was writing Joe again....


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    if Larry Hama was writing Joe again....

    would you be willing to pay more per issue?
    Like a quarter more maybe?
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    No. Comics are too expensive now anyway.

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    Truthfully, I'd be more apt to drop it if Larry Hama was the full time writer. I've read Larry Hama doing G.I.Joe, and it was good. That was over ten years ago. I think his body of works speaks for itself, and I understand that he is very important to the franchise, but I feel that it's time for everyone to move on.

    G.I.Joe shouldn't be exactly what it was ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago.

    Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't like to read a Hama issue every here and there, but not as a full time writer.

    Or, another option, give him a history title. Frontline, Special Missions, Declassified, call it what you will. Let him write more stories about the Joes as he did before, and at the same time allowing a fresh take on the Joes in the main title.

    I guess in my dream world, there'd be five, six or seven Joe titles, giving everyone a choice of what to read. The market won't support that, and if you want to read Larry Hama doing G.I.Joe, there's plenty of issues to choose from already published.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, here's what I'd have if the market would support it...

    G.I.Joe - Continue as is
    G.I.Joe Frontline - Creators coming on for an arc, any time period
    G.I.Joe Displaced or AWOL - Alternate realities, Transformer crossovers, whatever
    G.I.Joe Reloaded - Continue as is, it's getting better
    G.I.Joe Declassified - Larry Hama and an old school artist telling the stories that couldn't be told before
    G.I.Joe Misfire or Ammo Jam - quarterly or twice yearly comedy book. we take ourselves too seriously
    G.I.Joe - Spytroops, Venom vs Valor, whatever the theme of the year is - following the toyline (like Armada/Energon, changed in the middle of the series to reflect the toyline change). Self contained stories with a large annual every year adapting the movie, shoot for a younger audience and toy store distribution
    G.I.Joe Yearbook - yearly

    I'd also get rid of alternate covers so I could afford all these!

    Am I missing anybody's preference?
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    I have to agree with Jeff

    More titles would be the only way to handle all of our wishes. But alas, who could buy more than the current three (including M&A) while also getting the figures, etc. Oh I know some could, but me I am on a budget (which I break all the time, but that is a different story). I think the world of the original Marvel run, but lets be honest, interest was slipping and that is why it was cancelled. No disrespect to Mr. Hama, but his story has been told. I read somewhere that GIJoe to him was the story of SE & SS (hence why everyone eventually became related, like on Days of our Lives). So if he were to come back, I fear that the comic would fall into the same rut that it did when the original run was cancelled.

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    Well, to answer the question, I would say "SURE!" Joe is the only comic I buy, so paying $3.50 or so isn't too much to ask.....but I am gonna support the line regardless, so I am a sucker!
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    If Larry was writing Joe, it would be cool to see what he woulld come up with without having to worry about including every new figure all the time.

    But he would also probably care less about overall continuity. he probably wouldn't care about including old toys like Claymore or Overlord, or cartoon references...

    Back before Devils Due got the GI Joe liscense, Hama almost wrote a joe series for another company. His proposal was to get rid of all but a dozen joes and concentrate more on small squad based missions than the "toy inspired" things. The contract never came through. (There was even some art created)

    I do like the idea of giving Larry a "Special Missions" type book too.
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    As cool as it is seeing claymore and other rarely or never seen Joes, to me story is king and Hama has it all over Jerwin in the story department. I would pay whatever extra I had to for Hama's writing...Come on, Ace and Wild Weasel's incredible dogfight, the extraction team's harrowing rescue mission where they steal fuel from the russian Hind, the training of lightfoot, repeater and budo...how can any of the new stuff compare to these classic issues? Hama has the perfect blend of storytelling, humor and military expertise...I love the little touches, like Hawk, Beachhead and Wetsuit knowing that the torpedos don't arm until their safely away from the boat, or that hinds have self-sealing fuel tanks, or that general in the pit knowing that if you hit a detonator hard enough it either malfunctions or goes off...in a similar vein Jerwin seems to throw in the same acroynms that Larry did, but just for the sake of including them...just feels hollow for me with Jerwin, like he's a fan imitating a master. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact Joe still has a comic, but saying Jerwin is better than Hama in any capacity is like saying the cartoon was better than the comic....they are two different entities and people are entitled to their opinions on the matter, but the comic was complex and mature while the comic was a fun diversion where you could slide your brain into neutral.

    Hama > Jerwin easily. I would have it the other way, Hama continuing the main continuity and Jerwin writing fun little stories with claymore and the likes in a frontline-type series.
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    Everybody loves Hama and that'sd fine. But I think Jerwa is doing a good job. He's better than the other DD guy...
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    personally I'd pay the extra quarter an issue. neither of the devils due writers have impressed me.
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    I am a big Hama fan. So I would pay two bucks extra for his return. However I do like Jerwa's work too. Two books is the solution. Jerwa and Hama get one each. They could intermingle their storylines or just make one a Special Missions book. Either way it would be a win win situation for Joe fans.


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