Dryhawk37 Where are my accessories?


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    Dryhawk37 Where are my accessories?

    I paid for some accessories on 2-20.I still havent recieved anything.No responses to PMs,post reply,and only 1 reply to 3 emails, Please let me know whats up
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    I too bought some accessories around the same time and still have got nothing. Forgot about them till I saw this thread. I also would like to know what is up.

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    Add me to the list ive emailed him with no response and still have not recieved my accesories.

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    Ugh, add me too. I hope this turns out well, but no response yet to 3 PMs and nothing in the mail.
    A most excellent idea sire!

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    I know he's selling a bunch of stuff, so he probably got a bit busy and overwhelmed, as I have not received any items or reply either
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    he has 2 places, his own place and his parents, each place is about and hour and a half away from each other, and he has joes at both, so im sure its just a matter of logistics, plus i hear he's been working alot as well, he owes me some stuff, but im in no way worried, he is a stand up guy, i wouldnt be worried about getting your items, they'll show eventually

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    Thanks Dennis.

    Yes its true, I am slow on shipping. I appologize to those who have bought from me these last 2-3 weeks. All items have been shipped or are packed and going out on Sat. Morning.

    I am a Project Manager for a large construction firm and have little to no time for shipping. I usually go to the post office one every week, but sometimes every two weeks. I have been a member here since 1997 and a stand up guy/collector since 1992.

    Just rest assured that your items are coming and again I appologize for the delay.

    I am not a dealer usually but have been selling quite a bit and to be honest it is overwhelming (dont know how you do it Curt and Kevin....). That is no excuse but its the truth, so again just let me know when your stuff arrives if you can please so I know you got it. Also, anybody who is waiting for stuff from me can have 10% of my for sale items when they are listed again (just shoot me a reminder).

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    Hey drew thanks for the update and ill let you know when they arrive.

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    ALL packages have been sent (thanks to my girlfriend). Sorry for the delays guys and please either post here or email me when they arrive so I know they got there safely.

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    very true drew, shipping can be very overwhelming especially when you get a lot of items going out at once. its one reason im getting out of buying/selling joe stuff


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