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    What do you guys do for a living? Totally posing this question as rhetorical, but surely the moderator job doesn't pay that much (if at all). Just out of curiousity, since you guys spend so much time making sure we have the luxury of a board to trade/buy/sell on, what do you do outside this for a living?

    Other collectors respond to, I saw one thread where there were a couple cooks, but even at my current salary, the best I've ever had, I still have a hard time collecting everything I want to.

    I know Jeff has a HUGE collection, so I was curious if you are an Engineer or something to afford that collection.

    If this is private knowledge, no big deal, I was just curious.

    Lance Pshigoda

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    I never get it on the right board!

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    First off, I moved this to off topic, since it's mostly off topic.

    Mod/Admin doesn't pay at all, it's strictly volunteer. That may change in the future, but no guarantees.

    For another week I'm a Field Service Coordinator for a CLEC telephone company, dispatching technicians for business installs. I've also worked as a Credit Card representative for credit unions, and spent ten years working in restaurants, working my way up to kitchen manager of a large hotel.

    In a week...well, not sure what I'm doing yet. I'm moving, so searching for employment in Racine now, having a hard time getting a hold of the woman at Adecco I'm supposed to talk to. So, my collection may lag behind for a month or two until I'm solidly employed.

    My collection isn't that HUGE really, it's more the current stuff, I haven't been able to afford all the older stuff I'd like, plus I don't have the room for it.

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    I was curious about the moderator question as well if it was volunteer. I was bout to send a PM to Jeff too awhile ago.

    Thanks Jeff for the response..I'm sure more of us will appreciate the effort and time you and other mods put into keeping us happy on the yojoe website/forum.

    Oh yah...good luck with the Job hunt!!!

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    well, i know what some of these guys do, but ill let them chime in if they want..

    personally, i work in IT for a southeastern based book retailer, Books A Million.

    my last job was as an IT contractor for the Post Office....ah, its nice to be in the private sector - i had my fill of government work.

    how about you loki? im guessing cook, since you mentioned that profession....

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    Talking I'm a...

    Kitchen Manager of a small restaurant in Grand Forks, night, I help my wife deliver Paper bundles to newspaper carriers for a pretty good chunk of change.

    Make a pretty good living...

    Check out my ebay auctions under the ID etmartin


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    Actually Justin...

    I am the RFP(Request for Proposal) Coordinator for US Investigations, LLC. I write proposals for commercial bids on background investigative services. Sounds alot bigger than it is, but I'm proud to have the job. Was always wanting to start a door into an Intelligence field (like the FBI), and now I have my chance.

    What's so funny is I just did an RFP for Books a Million not long is good too :-)


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    I'm a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. Well, I'm kinda between a driver and a manager. I don't make near enough to support my Joe habit.

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    I'm a computer programmer for a public school board. I think its a great job, maybe not as much pay as in private sector, but I get all the holidays(yes i work in summer, usually when you working the hardest) and only work 35 hours a week.

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    I don't really have a job title, but I will explain a little of what I do.

    I work for a valet parking company. For the most part I just solve problems. Someone locks their keys in a car, I break into the car. Car gets damaged, I deal with the car's owner. I do some hiring and firing, conduct interviews, and collect money from the accounts.

    Not an exciting job, by any means, but it puts cash in my pocket.
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