New Sculpt Figs new pricing and bonus

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    New Sculpt Figs new pricing and bonus


    Here are the items I am selling.

    All have all of their weapons unless otherwise stated.
    3.50 each with a few exceptions up and down. buy 5 or more and get free shipping.
    buy everything on the 2002 and 2003 list (49 figures), including python patrol, for just $135 with free shipping anywhere in the u.s. and i will throw in a MOC Single Carded B.A.T.
    The more you pick out, the cheaper they get. just email me a list of what you want and i will send you a price on what hasn't been sold. [email protected]

    Troop builders are not 3.50


    Dusty v7

    Flint v7

    Frostbite v4 (only has guns)

    General Tomahawk

    Heavy Duty v4

    Mirage v2

    Sgt. Stalker v2

    Snake Eyes v14

    Wet-suit v7

    Wild Bill v5

    Baroness v3

    Cobra Commander v13

    Cobra Moray v1

    Desert Cobra CLAWS v1

    Destro v8

    Dr. Mindbender v3

    Firefly v6 (only has one gun)

    Headman (missing grenade launcher)

    Neo-Viper v1

    Neo-Viper v4

    Neo-Viper Commander v1

    Storm Shadow v8 (missing handgun)

    Zartan v4

    Zartan v5


    Crosshair v1

    Flint v8

    Grunt v6

    Gung-Ho v11

    Kamakura v1

    Recondo v3

    Red Spot v1

    Roadblock v9

    Tunnel Rat v4

    Wide Scope v1

    Double Clutch-Desert Coyote Driver

    Black Out v1

    Cobra BAT v3.2

    Dr. Mindbender v4 (missing one handgun)

    Night Creeper v5

    Overkill v2

    Overkill v3

    Dreadnok Ripper v3

    Scalpel v1

    Python patrol Complete

    HEAT viper


    Laser Viper

    Major Bludd

    Rock Viper

    SAW Viper

    moc zartan/dusty
    mib pulverizer
    mib defense mech
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