Takara reissue Predaking gift set is coming!!!!!!!!


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    Takara reissue Predaking gift set is coming!!!!!!!!

    The title says it all!

    #17 on the Takara reissue list is ALL FIVE PREDACONS in one big box set!

    MSRP on this bad boy is supposed to be $165. Guys and girls, you would have to drop at LEAST that much to get a displayable Predaking in decent shape. The price may seem high but it is EXTREMELY worth it. I have the original myself, and even I'm gonna get my hands on the reissue set!

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    I wonder if it is the plastic or metal version. Probably plastic but good news.
    I guess I could use another one too!

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    That is awesome news! It is the one toy from my childhood that I have yet to replace. Of course I stopped collecting the old vintage TFs due to TRU getting the reissues. Finally I get something I have been dying for since the reissues.

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    I've been wondering if Takara was going to release a combiner set ever since I heard about the Insecticon set. My Predaking is still standing in my old room at my folk's house but I could always use a Predaking for my desk at work.

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    Sweet!!!! This and Scorpinok are the two big TF's I always wanted but never had.

    $165 seems steep but to get all 5 in brand new condition for that price, can't go wrong with that price!


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