1982 Rock N Roll elbow rivets


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    1982 Rock N Roll elbow rivets

    I have 3 82 ROCK N ROLLS and one of them has the elbow rivets backwards. My question is what it a factory mistake or was it a later year production because the 83 swivel arms are riveted the same way. Every picture that I can find of ROCK N ROLL has the head of the rivet on the outside of the arm , the one in question is the one with the head of the rivet on the inside of the arm ., If anyone can help it would be of great help.
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    come on people nobody has seen this ? or as an idea? I have not seen any other figure with this backwards riveting like this , it just has me puzzled , and help would be grateful ,

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    I could be wrong but maybe somebody repaired the arm and put the rivet in the wrong way. I know have separated the elbow and reused the rivet but I put on the correct way, lol you can see pics of the one I repaired on the rusted screws topic.

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    Could have been a factory screw-up. I wouldn't be surprised if some newbie factory worker at the time did his first piece the wrong way before being corrected.....
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    I am thinking it more on the factory screw side lol , I bought a collection of GI Joes from a guy that had this Rocknroll in them when he was a kid and he had the hole set of 82 figures and all of them had basically no wear on them , it was like he played with them once and put them away ., even picked up A COBRA COMMANDER mickey mouse logo mint with this same collection. None of the Joes have been altered in anyway soo I am guessing factory screw up .

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