Who here knows their G.I. Joe ?


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    Who here knows their G.I. Joe ?

    GI Joe collection- Opinions? comments? suggestion how to best sell this. What is it's worth?

    I have a MINT complete 1991 Series 1Premier Edition (200 cards) + binder. Years ago I traded for it ( I knew someone in the marketing dept at Hasbro). Anyway, everything is mint because it came directly from a special in house … instead of the cards being collected one at a time through retail. I would think this would be a very very rare item.


    Patrols ECO Warriors

    All Rank & File

    All Original Joe Team

    1991 Recruits

    Sonic Fighters Patrols

    Super sonic fighters Patrols

    Famous Battles

    Battle Gear

    Special Missions

    Honor Roll

    I’m thinking of finally selling the collection on ebay. Anybody know how much they are all worth?





    thank you
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    The card set.... probably only worth $10 at most. The binder itself is the rare item here, at least $30-$50 I'm guessing. I'd definitely bid on it.

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    Thanks Jeff and thanks again you for your emails.

    I apologize for the mulitple (4) posts. My bad. You know how some boards have dead spaces on their board where posts go to die. Well I wasn't sure what part of the board here was read. Again I'm sorry if this offended anyone.

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    Ya, the cards are pretty common. Most of us just give away cards to people who need a couple to finish a set. I have 2 sets & 100+ extra cards sitting on my desk right now.

    The binder is awesome though. I would like to find one of those.

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    Talking Quite rare indeed

    It is safe for me to say that I MAY be the only other one on YoJoe that has this binder. Of my 6 years collecting, I have seen two, now three of these. I bought one on eBay, and let another on eBay pass. Shoot, even Dryhawk doesn't have this one yet, and he really wants it, so give him an email, or I will contact him for you. The one I bought was from Sweeden, and it cost me about $50 for the binder, but the shipping was $25, and the auction ended with my BIN of $25, so $50.

    The other auction was in New Jersey I believe, and it ended for $42 if I recall, and shipping was $15, so $57.

    The binder is what is worth the money, the cards arn't that sought after, unless you have the 20 Gold bordered Impel chase cards included with the 1991 series MOC figures, now those are though to get, almost took me 3 months to complete my set, and I forget who, but it took him 3 years.

    You could auction it off on eBay and make maybe $50, or more depending on where you list it, but do a fellow collector a favor, and try to find Dryhawk37, cause I know he always ask if I will trade mine, and well, I only got 1

    Or, just let me know if you want me to contact him for you. Thanks, and I hope the info helps

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the binder made available through a mail in offer on the card wrapper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bohn
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the binder made available through a mail in offer on the card wrapper?
    Yes it was.
    Looking for CG parts!<P>I NEED a waistpiece to a Cobra Ninja Viper!!!!!

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    PM SENT!!!! thanks


    (thanks Dean, hopefully my wait is over )

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    how much for a set i want a set


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