Holy Crap...It's Crystal Ball!


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    Holy Crap...It's Crystal Ball!

    Finally picked up Special Missions 24 today (for only 25¢!) and was shocked to see...Crystal Ball! I thought for sure he NEVER made it to any of the comics. Was he in any other issues? I didn't even recall this appearance.


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    He was in one of the 3D issues, where he battled Psych-Out
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    Think that was the crappy non-hama issue, blech.
    Whatever doesn't make me stronger only kills me

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    What was the plot of the issue?

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    Yeah, it was a non-Hama issue. Takes place at a baseball game and the Joe stars are pretty much the four female members, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Jinx, and Cover Girl. Jinx dropkicking CC is infact the cover.

    Plays out very much like an episode of the cartoon.


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    I remember that issue. Crystal Ball is in it?

    I liked that issue.. well I liked any of the Joe gals undercover issues.

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    Briefly. He even has his accessory. When I get a chance I'll scan his frames and post it here.


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    He subdued the "outer" security team! A wacky idea, but he did it!

    The code name itself killed much potential development of this character. It just begs to be made fun of, Bludd, Baroness, Scrap-iron, Firefly, VIPERS, and then Crystal Ball. It just doesn't have the presence of the others. Anyone have ideas of alternate Crystall ball codenames?

    Even though Crystal Ball is working for my imaginary rag-tag Coil, I had hoped that Crystal Ball would have made another appearance but with a deepened characterization. Dr Mindbender was 'master of mind control' before he was broadened into the cobra scientist we know him as, wasn't he? Crystal Ball could've been the psychotic psychologist who was once a kind family therapist who experimented with potions on himself...

    I like #24 still. I'm a huge fan of one issue stories, plus it would get a little boring for me if we were playing Delta team commando SWAT all the time. Give me some oddness every once in awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curmudgeon
    Think that was the crappy non-hama issue, blech.
    Which devil's due issue(s) is crystal ball in?

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    Marvels Gijoe: special missions 24


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