G.I. Joe Lead Figurines,Should Hasbro Do Them?


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    G.I. Joe Lead Figurines,Should Hasbro Do Them?

    One of the things I've been collecting and really like are these Lead Figurines from Eaglemoss. They have both the Marvel and DC license, as well as a Lord of the Rings license (doing a chess set).

    The figurines are Joe-scale-ish and highly detailed. They are even doing the Batmobiles.

    I love the things and keep thinking that it's something that could really fit G.I. Joe. Could do a line of vehicles and characters.

    They are basically mini-statues and each comes with a magazine giving the history of the character. I could care less about the magazine, it's the figurines I really like.

    I really could see other lines done in this form; Masters of the Universe, Thundercats; but would love a series of Joes done this way.

    They are only sold in specialty stores (comic shops) and online. I usually get 'em through BBTS: BigBadToyStore.com Search

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    lead or pewter?
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    Hasbro Items: Paperwork & design sketches, ARTWORK, licensing books, promo flyers/slicks, employee items, presentation art.

    Licensed Merchandise (non-figure/vehicle) like towels, Coleco ride-on toys (sleds or bicycles) , vintage child clothing, and an original Konami Arcade game.


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