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    Quote Originally Posted by 4UncleChris View Post
    Hello all, I am new to the world of G.I. Joe so please excuse my novice. My Uncle recently passed away and left a bunch of G.I. Joe stuff. How do I go about figuring out what they are and how to value them to eventually sell. I am helping my Dad pay for my Uncles Funeral cost. I want to make sure this collection goes to the right people that clearly appreciate them as my uncle did. I don't want to bother or annoy anyone but I also need advice on how to proceed.
    I can tell some were old from the stamps on their butts that dated 1964. There is also newer stuff. Some with whole outfits, some naked, many accessories. I am about to start making a list and taking pictures, is there any specific things i should be aware of. I know this is a very vague question but like i said i want to make sure my uncle's collections go to the right people.

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    Hello and welcome! This is a bit outside of our wheelhouse as we do not track prices in the secondary collectors market.

    What we can do is assist you with the identification of the items in the estate's collection. From your photo it appears that the collection is mostly 12-inch, vintage items. Our database can assist you with information and photos, that database is located here:

    YoJoe! 12-inch Database

    You can also register for a YoJoe! Pro account, which will allow you to track the items in the collection via the have / want checklist. That service is located here:

    YoJoe! Pro

    And lastly, we would like to pass along our condolences to you and your family. Please feel free to message me if you need any assistance.

    Thank you.

    Senior Administrator

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    Hi all, I am trying to get back in the hobby after a 10 year break. I noticed the forums aren't as lively as they once were.
    Collecting ARAH 1982-1994

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    New to the boards

    Hello, I'm Rob and I'm new to the boards. Been looking around trying to find a board with like minded collectors. I am a US Veteran who just now is trying to get some of my childhood toys back. A few months ago my mother called me and told me to pick up some toys that I still had lying around at home. So I went and found a few of the gi joes that I had from 1982-1985. It wasn't many and some were played with rather hard. Well it brought back good memories and now I have started collecting a few. Picked up several on ebay and still am looking for quite a few but its a lot of fund for this 42 year old guy. Just wanted to introduce myself and hope to meet lots of friends and collectors on the boards.

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    Hey guys, Welcome, and Welcome Back!

    Yeah, the boards are a bit more quiet these days. But still some good guys and fun discussions to be had.

    Thanks for saying hi!
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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    Re: The Official YoJoe! Introduction Thread

    Posting to say hello to the forum members still around. My name is Dave and I'm from Carleton Place, that's a town in the province of Ontario in Canada. As others have mentioned it seems a lot quieter than it used to be. I'm returning to the boards after a few years of slow collecting (one or two small lots a year). I've recently started narrowing down the last 50 or so figures from the original run (that's just the figures incomplete almost finished the daunting 93 year). Hope to hear from and meet some new Gi Joe collectors. I haven't posted to much in the past but am looking to become more involved in the online community. Also this may not be the right place to ask but does anyone know when you can add pictures to your posts and if you want to send pictures for submissions to the site is there a size limit or have the addresses changed. I tried to send an email from my hotmail email to [email protected] and it bounced back. I look forward to hearing from the other community members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedClaw View Post
    You can also register for a YoJoe! Pro account, which will allow you to track the items in the collection via the have / want checklist. That service is located here: YoJoe! Pro
    Hi fellas. Long-time fan of your database. I'd like to make use of it actually, but I'm unable to as the lost password routine does not work. It only leads to a blank screen. Is there a resolution for this?

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    New Guy here....

    Just when I think I got out, they pull me back in! Hello all...joined the site recently as I wasn't doing Joe stuff anymore, but now I have acquired a mass of Joe stuff so here I am! Thanks for having me and I have a couple of quick questions while trying out the trail of the "Pro" subscription... 1) Is there any way to add international figures to "My Collection"? I don't see the button... 2) Why is it when I add one figure to my collection, two always get added? I just added a Cobra Officer from 2008 and it shows that I have 4? Then when I hit "View All" it shows two...I delete one of them and it simply goes back to two and not one. Any info? Thanks and I'm glad I'm here even as a newbie! (But I'm old lol)

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    Hi there! Call me Audio. I'm a student working towards a career in broadcasting. When not studying I'm pursuing my many hobbies and interests. I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to toy collecting with knowledge and insight into many different topics. Hope you will be able to share your passion and memories with me.

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    Yeah, it is kinda quiet in here lol

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    NEWBIE from Oklahoma w a QUESTION

    50 years old, grew up in OKC, Oklahoma. I don't collect Joes yet, BUT I do have my original Joe from the 60s, I'd like to post pics so I can find out exactly WHICH ONE I have?? HOW and WHERE do I do that??Thanks, Steve


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