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    On where to get help.identifying a lot of figs

    Hello. I grew up in the 80s and have some personal Joes and vehicles. I remember the popular mid to late 80s characters, but not the 90s. Now, I have just acquired a 100 or so figures and am slogging painfully through trying to identify them. Is there a particular forum I could post or add to a thread to get some help? I can upload a number of photos. Thanks

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    Tell what what SNaileyes. email the pictures to me at [email protected] and I will look them over and let you know Whose Who.

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    Hey, thank you. Any help is greatly appreciated. I sent an email with some of the tougher figures for me to identify, mostly the newer ones I'll keep chugging along too.

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    Greetings. My name is Hogs and I grew up as an Air Force brat who collected and played with G.I. Joe's growing up, from about 84-91, when I started to become more interested in girls and punk rock. Wish I'd kept my old toys, though.My first figure was Airtight, who I got for Christmas 1985. My first "vehicle" was the Trouble Bubble I got for my 6th birthday and my first actual vehicle was the Snow Cat I bought using birthday money from my 6th birthday.I'm slowly starting to rebuild my collection and just bought a Snow Cat, Frostbite, Snow Job and Iceberg from eBay. The only Joe I currently have is Dial-Tone, who I always loved from the cartoon and was one of the first figures I had, though I lost my original figure in the ocean around 1989.Right now, my goal is just to get all the versions of the Rattler, a 100% complete Snow Serpent V1, and maybe some Tiger Force or Python Patrol stuff, because I always liked the way those looked. I didn't read the comics growing up - no idea why...I read comics as a kid so it doesn't really make sense that I didn't, but I'm picking up issues of the original Marvel run whenever I see them at a reasonable cost

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    my name is Chusso, I´m from Spain. I love this web. GI Joe were my favorite toys ever. Very happy of being part of this community.
    By the way, Destro v1 1983 has disappeared from the website, it shows the message "page not found".

    Sorry for my English.

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    Hey all, been coming here for years and finally subscribed. Quick question. Will there ever be an update for current re-issues and classified checklists?
    I see a classified tab, but it says page not found.

  9. #107 I didn't realize YoJoe had a forum but I frequently use the main site as a reference guide though and it is a life saver!!! So....I've been a fan of the Joe and the Cobra for....well? Ill turn 40 this, most of my life anyhow!!! Haha, not looking forward to that BIG 4 0 but anyhow, I was born in '81 so sadly I missed out on so MANY classic characters from the initial '82-'85 waves. I was able to snag a few '86 figs new and fresh off the pegs but '87 is when I REALLY got into collecting the figures...I think I had the entire '87 and '88 waves as a kid? And as I was able to score a Hawk and my fav, Wayne R Sneeden they were the highest ranking Joe's in my service. It's funny to admit it now BUT the animated film came out at the perfect time for me....and as an adult and even as a kid I could see the goofier aspects of CobraLa.... LaLaLaLaLaLa!!! Buuuut I still loved it and Golobulus tided things over until I found a Hoodie-Coco at a yard sale a few years later. And maybe a 1st and the ONLY time that Mercer ever received such a promotion as he was a childhood favorite and would often outrank even my beloved Beachhead in field operations. I wanna say the last two figures I purchased were Firefly V2 and the Eel V2....with the Shark....the last vehicle I bought was the Cobra BUGG... It was incredible and matched up perfectly with my favorite Joe Warthog. But around the same time Hasbro and then Galoob were fighting for my dollar as the WWF Hasbro line and the WCW Galoob line took up my attention. I still always had much love for the Joe's though and kept the majority of my childhood collection UNTIL I had a situation with a second car that was towed and impounded by mistake....the Joe's along with my aforementioned WWF&WCW figs were in the trunk and by the time I had the paperwork in order, as I had been working out of town for several weeks and my apartment complex mistakenly towed the car, sadly someone from the impound lot had decided to help themselves to my was gone.

    I have one child, my daughter Gracie who is turning 15 next month....well her love of all things Monster High from about age 6 until 11/12ish satisfied my collecting itch. The way she literally shrieked and gave me the biggest squeeze her 6 year old arms could muster when I gave her a hard to find doll sealed it and for the next 6ish odd years I put all my skills and resources into aquiring the entire line!!! It was truly insane but as a part-time Dad or weekend Dad or whatever you tend to spoil a kid to make up for the guilt you feel NOT being with them everyday. entire basement was Monster High WORLD!!! Also from roughly 2004-2010 I collected officially released wrestling VHS about a crazy fandom!!! And specifically those early 90s or late 80s WCW/NWA VHS tapes can be hard to find and really expensive!!! But with everything going digital I sold out while there was still a high demand! And the kid outgrew MH so....what's a guy to do???

    Begin a vintage Joe collection of course!!! I've bought and sold off so many figures in the last year and a half or so....I need to get smarter about my collection because I've often.... No, usually lose money BUT it's a lot of fun annnnnd there are deals and steals out there....this past weekend at the Great Ohio Toy Show in Xenia, one of the ONLY toy shows in the Midwest not cancelled in the last year I foind an '83 CoCo for $15....a Baroness for $20...Spirit and Freedom for $20!!! Great times!!! I'm picking up a minty StarDuster this accessories BUT only $125's my 1st Starduster too so I'm stoked!!! But....yeah, that's a little bit of my thanks for having me annnnnd I look forward for whats to come!!!

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    Reproduction stickers

    New to the forum, I have been searching for reproduction stickers for MOC figures. I have a dr mindbender figure mint on card with the mail away fridge action figure sticker partially removed. I did not want to attempt to remove it further as I dont want to damage the card. Does anyone know if theres someone who can reproduce the sticker so I can go right over it ? Thanks

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    New to the forum! Just started collecting today. I'm from Texas. When i was a kid I remember seeing these figures in my local Woolsworth. The first one I purchased was Breaker. My twin also purchased Breaker. Our neighbor friends started to also buy these action figures. It started us on a path to collecting. Got rid of all of them over the years and decided to start collecting again.


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