Broken Link for Snow Serpent V1

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    Broken Link for Snow Serpent V1

    Hey All,

    Love the site, keep coming back again and again for reference.

    I noticed that the link for Snow Serpent V1 (1985) is missing.

    Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

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    Hey Me Again,

    Sorry, I just noticed that the link for Iceberg V1 (1986) is gone as well.

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    Appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I am not quite sure why this is happening. There are multiple pages that the information has vanished from. Many of these pages were working a week ago. We are looking into it and will get things back up as soon as I can. If you notice any more pages please feel free to let me know. I am keeping a list.
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    More Missing Figures

    I noticed that Destro v1, Duke v1, and Beach Head were also missing in addition to Iceberg and Snow Serpent.
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    Breaker v1 also missing.

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    Zap V1 is missing too.

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    All of the characters listed in this page are still missing except Destro v1.

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    Hi - Will the database be updated with Figures / vehicles after 2018? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breaker819 View Post
    Hi - Will the database be updated with Figures / vehicles after 2018? Thanks
    Great question. I'd love to know what is going on with this site. It seems to be steadily deteriorating over time. Pages missing, broken links, and no new figures added. NOTHING for Classified! I mean who is running the show here and do they even care about new content?

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    The Database has had some issues with it for a long time. We have techs taking a look at it, but a repair hasn't been possible yet.


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