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    I owned a mib terror drome and it had a tru $34.99 price tag...hard to believe, in person it is ridiculously large

    And yeah defiant was 99.99

    Can't wait for the td kreo though, just recently got into them and with the exception of a handful of figures I am up to date on all the releases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireFox91 View Post
    If you look on ebay, you can get the Dojo w/ HISS set even a little cheaper than TRU. I just got one for $37.45 shipped and it is brand new. I really just got it for the HISS. But even though I never really got in to the ninja angle of GIJoe much, I find myself wanting to go ahead and build the Dojo instead of just bagging it up and selling it.

    The original TD was not $50 at retail. At least not for a normal non-clearance price. It was between $99-$120.

    Quote Originally Posted by Plastica View Post
    You sure it was the Terror Drome and not the Defiant since YoJoe showed the retail price on the Terror Drome as $45 I know the Defiant definitely was 99-$120
    Sears 1986:
    Sears was higher priced than discount retail. Looks to be 50 or 55.

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    Anyone know the ETA for the Wave 4 kreon blind packs?

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    From what I understand, the wave 4 doesn't have ID to identify who is who...
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    Quote Originally Posted by martin-montreal View Post
    From what I understand, the wave 4 doesn't have ID to identify who is who...
    I um unsure about wave 4, but wave 5 is definitely without any codes/dots/etc to identify.

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    Wave 4 doesn't have codes either.

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    Well, I guess I can shut down this thread then, lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
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    Does anyone happen to have any extra Crimson Guards or Cobra Troopers from wave 1? those are the only 2 I never got from that way.

    I have extra BATS and EELS from wave 2.


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