Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Fan Event - New figure images

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    Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro Fan Event - New figure images

    You've seen the new Eaglehawk, now see the updated figures that should be hitting retail shelves May of 2013. A new "reformatted" Wave 3 will hit retail, including the following new figures:

    • Budo
    • Cobra Commander (Sunbow inspired)
    • Storm Shadow (Sunbow inspired)
    • "Ultimate" Movie Flint
    • "Ultimate" Movie Roadblock
    • Data-Viper
    • Kwinn

    These figures will be joining already announced figures for that wave including the Cobra Combat Ninja, "Ultimate" Movie Duke, and others. According to Derryl DePriest, because of the movie delay, they were able to merge several different waves together to get one "super wave" out there to us.

    Check out the images at the Events Page!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In total, i'm counting 14 individual figures that will be released starting in May.

    Ninja Trooper (movie trooper)
    data viper
    Crimson Guard
    Blind Master
    "ultimate" Duke
    "ultimate" Cobra Commndr
    "ultimate" Storm Shdow
    "ultimate" Roadblock
    "ultimate" Flint
    Night Viper
    "ultimate" Firefly

    Then of course two vehicle drivers
    Lift Ticket
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    That is correct! That's one huge wave!
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    Data Viper! But I thought they said that no one wanted it except for all those that did want it...
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    that Night Viper is going to be super hot and that Eagle Hawk helicopter looks fantastic!!
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    I'm a huge fan of Flint and he's my favorite Joe. But there's nothing really awesome about him. Now the Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander figs look good. Love the Night Viper and totally stoked that they found the Tamahawk/Eagleahawk mold. Some of the retooling is kind of awkward. They should have put seat belts in those seats if they're not putting back pegs. The Lift Ticket update looks good too. The Data Viper is something to keep an eye on however. He reminds me of the 1/55 Macross Valkyrie Elite Seeker.
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