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    just wait it out, in a year or two nearly all of them should be quite affordable on the secondary market, especially if you buy them loose. I was able to get nearly every RoC figure for $3 each when the line was cancelled, only the very last wave (not counting exclusives) didn't hit clearance in my area.

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    I agree wait till people sell their collections, I have managed to get four of the retaliation vehicles but the Ninja 4x4 only seems to be available in the States not the UK.

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    When calculating inflation you can't do it as a lump sum. The $2.97 to $6.14 is wrong because the calculation takes the figure as a whole. Can't do that. Have to calculate inflation on all the pieces that go into the figure: cost of production, cost of material, cost of distribution, cost of marketing (packaging, ads) and many more pieces.


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