Identifying Vehicle - 1987 Cobra Maggot In Green?

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    Question Identifying Vehicle - 1987 Cobra Maggot In Green?

    Going through my GI Joe "collection" though it seems more of a graveyard or scrapyard. Not sure what to do with what I have. Anyway, that's a different topic.

    The vehicle I have is the shape of the Maggot and has the identifying guns. I verified the date is 1987. However it's missing the pedestals and all stickers.

    I just need to know -- is the Maggot is green or grey? My model has a green top and grey undercarriage. The pivoting smaller gun is grey like the undercarriage. The green is very similar to the 1987 Persuader I have.

    Thoughts? Willing to share images via PM or email.
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    Sounds like it's just discolored to me, the Maggot isn't green. Old plastic has a tendency to turn different colors due to different temperature conditions....
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    Found a few other images online that show the color variation a bit better. Read that some of the blue-ish grey tint can wear-off into the green color. Looks like it's just wear & tear like the rest of my GI Joe collection. ^_^

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    Its sun damage. I have a junker with the same discoloration. Mine is almost green on the upper half! Its a nice smooth discoloration. You could always turn yours over and leave it in the sun a few days and then sell it as a variant on ebay for big bucks!
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    Yes, it sounds like a standard case of discoloration. Apparently you had quite the battle back in the day....well done sir.
    A most excellent idea sire!

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    Definately sun damage, the Sea Ray and Maggot both can turn a nice olive green if left in the sun too long. I have a Sea Ray that spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, the combination of chlorine and sun turned it green as grass.

    My recommendation would be to pop all the yellow parts off and dye them black, then resticker it as a Maggot for the Joe team.
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