how much would be a good price for...

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    how much would be a good price for...

    a good random figure (joe schmo) in good condition with no accs?

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    depends on the figure, condition, army builder or not, year....the list can go on forever lol

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    You can get a solid Random figure for between $1-$3 for most in good condition with no parts. Some figures would cost $10+ in that condition but most generic guys, especially later years will be pretty cheap.

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    well what about like 82-85 stuff?

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    That still is very vague. What about the price of a ten year old car??? Vague

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    Throw us a bone here. lol

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    Ooh Ooh a guessing game... I wannta play!

    My guess $2 - $5...

    Do I win? If so, what do I win?

    Vehicle Parts Need List || Weapons Need List || For Sale Thread
    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    I want to buy the 50 cent to $1 Block.

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    BTW -
    I am selling 2 cars. One is a 82 Lambo
    the other is a 85 Pinto.

    make offer or will trade for joes.

    I also have lot's of Lift Ticket's for trade.
    Why are there so many LT's compared to TH's? Does everyone Dislike LT so much they don't let him drive the Thawk?

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    yeah... a bone....

    i just bought around 500 gijoes from ebay... im not going to make any lists on here for awhile or even take wanted lists yet... because i told someone they had "1st dibbs" but anyways after that sale maybe i will go public with a list (82-now) and i wanted to have good prices...thats all...
    maybe you win good luck for a month(not guranteed )
    I want to know who is passing it out tho


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