screw removal question

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    screw removal question

    I've read about many different methods, but does anyone know a really good way to get out stripped, rusted screws? I've tried drilling but it is very easy to screw the whole thing up.

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    Stripped screws

    If it's not 100% stripped (say, 95%) I've been able to drive a flathead screwdriver into what little remains of the grooves and back the screw out that way. It has resulted in very little damage to the figure, if any.

    I also have a bit driver with about 100 different bits; usually I exhaust my selection of phillips and flat head bits before trying a star wrench bit (kind of like an allen wrench bit but with points instead of dull corners). That usually is able to catch on grooves you can't see via inspection. Typically I can get either the flat head or star wrench to do the trick, but I've had about 1 in 100 kick my butt with no hope of recovery. LOL

    Someone actually sold me an AVAC in a single figure case that looked at the very least near mint. As soon as I went to put him in the firebat, the o-ring gave out. Not a problem, I had plenty of those. So I went to open him up and the screw was stripped and rusty. How that is with an otherwise darn near perfect AVAC is beyond me.

    So believe me, I was extremely careful with that particular screw extraction.

    Never tried drilling, but some dremel bits are small enough to get in there, and you might be able to grind the head off without cutting into the figure. Haven't tried that, tho.

    Best of luck!


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    That doesn't suprise me. I just got a bunch of loose figures and many of them are in really good condition but all the screws are really bad. When you say bit driver, is that just a screwdriver that has different heads other tips? I think I need to get one of those star wrenches. I've had really bad experiences trying to drill screws out (destroyed an original Firefly torso!). I wouldn't suggest it. Thanks for the tips!

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    I've drilled out some screw's and it worked very well, but then came a crankcase torso, the screw spun all the way through the torso(it was custom fodder so no big loss).

    So rather than use a right hand twist drill bit, a left hand twist drill bit would be the best thing to use(IMO).

    Being left handed twist, it's twisting the screw outwards instead of inwards(like with a right hand twist drill bit).In other words acting like a screwdriver.

    I hope this makes sense to those reading it.

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    i use a drill bit very small one its worked miny times for me just make sure its smaler the the screw it sealf u can drill off the top and it pulls out a litel then just twist it off the back off the joe

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    I can not stress this enough... Take your time removing and placing screws in.. I have broke body parts doing it to fast or hard..
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    this topic really needs to go into the FAQ stickie Druss is compiling.
    This question appears at least once a month.
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    Use WD40 to loosen it up

    Use WD40 to loosen it up

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    Use a eye dropper & drop a couple of drops of Coke (the soda) in there & let it sit over night. This works 95% of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthCobra
    Use a eye dropper & drop a couple of drops of Coke (the soda) in there & let it sit over night. This works 95% of the time.
    What does that do, just loosen it up?
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