Selling off my entire WW2 XD 1/18 collection

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    Selling off my entire WW2 XD 1/18 collection

    Good morning everyone, I have decided to sell off my entire WW2 XD I've been spending more time in other hobbies lately.

    My collection consists of:

    (ALL of this stuff is in scale with GI Joe 3 3/4 size figures)

    (ALL are in new condition,out of package and complete,only used for display purposes on shelves unless otherwise noted)

    3x different P47 planes
    1x original issue P51 Mustang
    2x German Kubelwagons (one has box)
    1x German halftrack
    2x US WW2 Jeep (one in mint condition, the other has had small repairs made, looks nice.
    1x M4 Sherman tank (tank is missing small things,smaller items may be broken off)
    1x Normandy Farmhouse playset
    1x Hayloft playset
    1x City Fountain playset
    1x US Bar gunner carded figure (still sealed)
    1x Panzer Grenadier carded figure (still sealed)

    and a total of 51 loose XD figures which equals:
    7 different paratrooper figures
    24 Germans
    20 US soldiers

    and a HUGE ziplock bag full of arms,packs,guns, and etc.

    about 5-6 of the figures have been customized with hand painted pea dot camo (which is so good it looks like 21st did it themselves)

    Anyhow, that's total XD collection.All of these items have spent thier life on my shelves among my other toys in my collection.I'd keep them, but I'm moving more and more into other it's time for me to cut these loose.

    I'd prefer to sell EVERYTHING in one shot.......the only thing I *might* consider is selling the planes seperate from the rest of the collection......since they are a bit more fragile, and take up more room.

    I have no problem at all with packing this stuff to ensure nothing gets damaged........this stuff won't be tossed in a box and just kicked out the door.

    I also have a vast array of good trading feedback from many sites....and a CLEAN record of selling and buying on no surpises here.....and I'm also a verified PayPal seller.

    To be honest, I'd prefer payment be sent via PayPal.....and I'd prefer the buyer has a confirmed address via PayPal.

    Now, price wise.......I haven't set a price for this collection...... that's because I'd prefer for people to e-mail directly with offers. I could just list this all on E-bay....but I've come here give you guys first crack at it.

    PLEASE e-mail me directly with your BEST offers and interest.


    [email protected]
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    Brian aka GungHo
    [email protected]

    In need of the following parts:

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    I am interested. I just don't know what to offer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow
    I am interested. I just don't know what to offer...

    Think it over Michael......I have this sale list posted on another board that more closely follows 1/18th military stuff also......

    I'm thinking somewhere in the ballpark of $500.........I've seen collections with less sell for more...... I'm open to offers though
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    Brian aka GungHo
    [email protected]

    In need of the following parts:


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