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    G.I. Joe: The Expanded Universe

    Years ago, with the Thrawn Trilogy, Star Wars started a series of novels that came to be called The Expanded Universe and also contained the Dark Horse comics and video games. The Expanded Universe picked up where the movies left off and were all in-continuity (the EU's continuity, but they were all still connected).

    G.I. Joe has had some novels in the past and recently had the Tales Of The Cobra War from IDW which didn't get that much attention.

    But what about a series of novels for G.I. Joe? Trilogies, 9 part epics, single novels, etc... All in it's own continuity.

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    I would definitely give them a shot!

    I enjoyed the Star Wars and Star Trek novels through the 90's and 00's, and would certainly like to see G.I. Joe continue their adventures in this format.

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    The problem is that there has never been an established continuity to begin with. Every time something new has come out it has set it's own new backstory. Plus GI Joe began life as a toyline and not a storyline so everybody has there own idea of content. To answer the poll, yes GI Joe novels would be nice to see, but I can never see them as being endorsed as official cannon or anybody accepting them as cannon to establish an expanded universe type situation.


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