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    S.K.A.R. by 666Werecat

    I never had any interest in S.K.A.R. until my good friend SGT Humpty included them in his Fan Fiction, Tales from Castle Destro: Volume I: Mercenary War - Chapter 1 . Until then they were just the morons that appeared in the G.I.Joe Extreme comics. He spent some time developing the characters and they really seemed to be the perfect enemies for the Iron Grenadiers.

    With the GIJCC having announced Iron Klaw, I knew I wanted to have the others. Me and Humpty did some collabo on them and for the most part they have been finished for a long time. I'd been waiting to show them all together with Iron Klaw, unfortunately he arrived while I was at Joe Con so this has had to wait.

    Anyway that's enough story telling. Here are the figures.

    Iron Klaw, FSS


    Rampage, this is lazy but too perfect not to do.


    Steel Raven, this one was a little weird. In the comics I found this character to be very non gender specific, one time she'd be an Amazonian Woman, next time she'd be a very womanly man. I thought this was a good representation of a bizarre character.

    The Troops

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    Individually they are all great, but it's almost overwhelming seeing them all at once!

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    You made something from GI Joe Extreme look awesome!

    you should be commended or knighted...what ever it is they're doing in the prison colony these days

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    Great stuff! You show a lot of possibilities to make the concept 33/4 compatible. I hope the club or Hasbro goes in this direction one day.

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    Holy crap!

    Love all of these guys. I too could have given two shits about SKAR until Humpty's awesome writing and you really nailed how I imagined the SKAR forces to be.

    I gotta ask... Did you have someone cast up those heads? I haven't seen those before.

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    Thanks guys. All the heads came from The Angelforge, with the exception of Wreckage which was a classic SW Quinlan Vos.


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