GI Joe Battleground mobile TCG

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    GI Joe Battleground mobile TCG

    G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Not much info on their official site yet, awaiting release on android still. I play Marvel War of Heroes, and it looks very similar to that game. Looks like it will be fun, just hope that you don't have to drop an arm and leg on mobacoins! When it does release, who's up for forming a guild?

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    There's guilds in this game? I've been playing (on Android) for a couple weeks now and don't see anything about guilds. Allies, but that only comes into play during a big event like the last one where need alot of people to take out a boss.

    There was a Facebook group that had an Android copy and released it. Not official but it also wasn't illegal.


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