So...Anyone Have It Yet? (Season 2-Part 1)

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    So...Anyone Have It Yet? (Season 2-Part 1)

    Anyone have it yet? Is it still being released tomorrow?


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    yes g.i. joe season 2 part 1 is now out. i got mine yesterday. there's a new computer grapics opening in this set. allso the original broadcast audio, stereo mix, dolby digital 5.1 are back. interview with larry houston, producer and storyboard artist allso you can play arise serpentor arise as a continuous movie (takes out the intros sept the first one and credits sept the end and recaps) and a animation cel.

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    Yea, I saw it today too. I went to 2 Target's, a Walmart and a Circuit City before I found it at BestBuy for 43.99. YIKES!! I'll be purchasing mine from DeepDiscount.....Much better price, even if I have to wait a week for it to be sent.

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    I ordered mine from there and its on the way.

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    the animation cel is form sink the montana has destro and the captian of the montana on it

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    I got the set today. I'm impressed; The Cobra Commander theme was a nice touch.

    In case you haven't noticed this yet; If you play Arise Serpentor Arise in the 5.1 sound option you'll note that the episode is using voice actors from the UK where GI Joe went by the title; "Action Force"

    Serpentor's addressing the Joe's as Action Force is amusing-

    Hearing the 'Yo Joe' battlecry replaced by "FULL FORCE!!!!" Is a riot beyond compare...

    All in all, not bad. I liked the interviews too. Diatone is a friendy dude.

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    I got mine today. I havent watched any yet. My brother is watching them now.

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    Picked mine up last Friday at Circuit City for $34.99. The set is pretty sweet.

    My favorite part in Arise Serpentor Arise:

    Serpentor: Bring me the brave Viper that saved my life!!

    Cobra Commander: [running out the alley way with flamethrower in hand] It's funny that you never know who your friends are.

    "Anyone can use a weapon. But the ninja IS a weapon." - Storm Shadow

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    I got mine and have watched the bonus features. I like the new menus.


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