Sgt. Slaughter Variant? Need some help.

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    Sgt. Slaughter Variant? Need some help.

    Ok, i recently noticed i have 2 different sgt. Slaughters. I dont know if one is a variant or not. I cant find any info on it. This is what i went by. Seems like the normal slaughter has a 3 stripped pattern going down his left leg, the other one i have has a very different camo pattern on both legs. One is stamped "made in hong kong" on his backside and the other is not. They both are stamped 1986 Hasbro on the inner left leg. If anyone can help out with this one id appreciate it. Im sure its nothing really special but the curiosity is killing me. Thanks in advance or any help. Please PM me with any info you might have. Thanks again and happy collecting..
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    One is version 1 slaughter the other is version 2.
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