OH MY GAWD! THA UMBRAGE! That's right, Joe fans, producer and editor Gary put in some extra hours at the editing desk this week and was able to get out two episodes in one week. It's almost like convention season.

In truth, a big reason why we wanted to get this episode is out is that we speak with Frank Patz, who is hosting EternalCon in Long Island this weekend. We wanted to get the word out there quick as this sounds like a great show featuring lots of toys, activities, and a special IMax screening of Operation Red Retrieval by big friend of the program Mark Cheng. But wait, that's not all! On the heels of the dramatic ComicCon Exclusive reveals last week, we went right to the source and brought on USA Today Geek Pride correspondent (that should be his actual title) Brian Truitt. We break down exactly how these ComicCon exclusives get revealed and talk lots of good G.I. Joe talk. As always, check out the latest episode on Podbean and the show Notes are below.


This is a fast tracked episode because of the timely nature of needing to get our interview with Frank Patz from EternalCon and our old pal, Mark Cheng of Operation Red Retrieval fame. Frank and Mark give us the low down on the upcoming pop culture convention on Long Island, on Saturday June 15th. Believe it or not, our man Chuck will be stepping out of the Emanuele compound to venture out into the sunlight. Will he survive? We'll find out soon. But hear the interview first and if you are in the NYC area, go to the show and watch Mark's movie in glorious IMAX! We cut some editing corners to speed getting this show out, so we apologize in advance for a sub par edit. We'll go back sometime and clean it up. In the second half, we met up with USA Today Lifestyle section writer Brian Truitt after he just broke the news on the GI Joe SDCC exclusives. After a long wait, we now know what they are and how much will they cost. What do we think of them? Yeah...you gotta listen, I'm not going to tell you here. Mike and Gary host this "almost a clip show" edition of WOJM. It's one of our shortest regular editions in over 2 years! Here's hoping you like the quality over quantity!

Are you ready for The Full Force? It's coming soon!

Brian Truitt

Frank Patz

Mark Cheng