KMT Dog Tags and Pin

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    KMT Dog Tags and Pin

    Hello! I am trying to complete a MOC run of the KMT accessories. There was a bracelet, a whistle, Commando medal and bar pin, Ranger medal and bar pin, Gunner Medal and bar pin.... and I have all of those, I fact I have multiple of a few. On the reverse of the card, all the available items are pictured. In addition to the ones I just named, there was also a Ring and Bar pin, Dog tag wit ID sticker, and Key Ring with Dog tag and bullet charm. I have never seen these three for sale.... anywhere. Not MOC, not loose, nothing. I'm starting to wonder if they were even manufactured. So, can anyone confirm that these do in fact exist? Does anyone have a them????? I don't want to continue to chase my tail if they aren't out there. Thanks! - Alan

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    I'm not sure if this video features anything that you're looking for (as I'm unfamiliar with the KMT accessories), but check around the 35:00 mark. David (the guy hosting the tour) is very active on social media and may be interested in trading for some of your duplicates.

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