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    The Maggot is here, and it is AWESOME. Seriously, I love this Cobra vehicle. I've never owned one and I was blown away by the level of detail in the molds - with joysticks, monitors and mechanics visible everywhere you look. Have a look at the Maggot page, and be sure to scroll down.

    Cobra Maggot - 3DJOES

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    WOW! great page! I did scroll through the whole thing. That is great reference stuff!

    I like how you are only $300 away from recouping all your investment. That's not many posters! I would contribute but the broke fairy has me in "crippler Crossface".
    Take it easy,


    Vintage, International, 25th and ROC WANT List: http://forums.yojoe.com/showthread.p...821#post468821

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    I am only $30 shy of breaking even on my last poster run!!!

    Who wants to buy two for $30?

    Thanks for the support!

    Merch - 3DJOES

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    The 3DJoes posters have broken even!

    Back in January, we printed a revised version of "3DJoes of the 80s" and the all new "3DJoes of the 90s" for $4,015. Four months later we are proud to say those posters have broken even! Thank you all for supporting 3DJoes. Poster sales going forward will now start to offset the costs of producing and maintaining 3DJoes.com

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    Scroll to the bottom of the 1990 Catalogs page to check out the Micro Figures poster, complete with a slide show of all 20 file cards!

    1990 - 3DJOES

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    Introducing The G.I. Joe Rolodex: The Digital File Card Repository!

    Ever wanted to see all of the G.I. Joe filecards in one place? I'm building a virtual Rolodex!

    1982-1985, also know as "the peach years" (for the peach file card color) are now complete. Check them out over on The G.I. Joe Rolodex:

    The G.I. Joe Rolodex: The Digital File Card Repository - 3DJOES

    I'm re-trimming all of the file cards as I go, to clean them up and make the Rolodex look more uniform. I'm also updating these on each character page, so it takes a while. Stay tuned for 1986-1994 updates.

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    Eight more 1988 vehicles have arrived!

    The Cobra forces have stepped their game up with the Cobra Adder, Battle Barge, BUGG, IMP and Stellar Stiletto! The Joes have responded in kind with the Desert Fox 6 W.D., the Skystorm X-Wing Chopper and the Swampmasher! Head over to the 1988 vehicle overview to see them all: 1988 Overview - 3DJOES

    Another HUGE thank you goes out to the Yo Joe Outlet & Museum Center for loaning us these vehicles!

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    I just posted BIG video update featuring over 35 new videos!

    I found a couple new 1982 and 1983 toy commercials, so check out those pages. I added a page of cartoon commercials, another with the awesome animated comic book commercials, and another still featuring other merchandise tie-in commercials. If you find any commercials I'm missing, please contact me with a link and I'll add them.

    If that weren’t enough, I added two more fan films: H.A.V.O.C. by Hezekiah Jones (do NOT miss this one!) and the JoeCon 2014 Cosplay video!

    Know of another great G.I. Joe fan film I should feature? Contact me through Facebook or Twitter and I'll add them. Yo Joe!

    Let's kick it off with the animated comic book commercials, shall we?

    Comic Commercials - 3DJOES

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    The Iron Grenadiers have arrived!

    Destro has had enough of Cobra Commander's shenanigans! In 1988 he upgraded his silver head to gold and built an army made of Anti-Gravity Pods (A.G.P.s) and Dual Elevating Multi-Ordinance Neutralizers (D.E.M.O.N.s). He leads this new army from the seat of his Despoiler! Check them all out over on the 1988 vehicle overview.

    1988 Overview - 3DJOES

    Another HUGE thank you goes out to the Yo Joe Outlet & Museum Center for loaning us these vehicles!

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    ^ Scroll to the bottom of the vehicle pages and you'll now see TV commercials. ^


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