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    Sorry for the lack of updates to 3DJoes.com

    My internal 750 GB HDD died. Luckily, I back my computer up. So, I'm waiting on my new SSD / HDD combo to arrive and then I can get back to editing the 1994 carded figures and file cards.

    Luckily it didn't crash before I got the new "Carded 3DJoes" (1982-1985) poster printed. If you haven't seen that yet, check it out and order yours today!

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    I'm running a huge poster give away over on facebook! Tell your friends for a chance to win!


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    Liked! By the way, I received my order and they truly are excellent. Great job!

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    ^Nice! Thanks Bigbot. I can't wait to show em to people in person at the next JoeCon. They look good online, but there's nothing like seeing 'em in person!

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    Computer is repaired! Photos are salvaged! What a relief.

    Work should resume on the 1994 figures this weekend.

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    1994 file cards are posted, in case you guys wanna see em....

    MOC front and back photos and 3D photos are coming soon. Feels good to be back to work on 3DJoes!

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    The 1994 card art, packaging and file cards are live!

    I have posted carded figure photos, file cards, detail shots and more! All 14 Battle Corps figures, six Shadow Ninjas (now with secret "Inviso-Power!" and still featuring spring-action, martial arts moves), 16 Star Brigade figures (including new wacky "Lunartix Empire" aliens), seven 30th anniversary "Action" figures, the mail order "G.I. Joe" and the very first Joe Con exclusive (the ever elusive Fighter Pilot) are all covered. 1994 was the last year for the "A Real American Hero" line, but they went out with a bang, releasing 45 new figures.

    3D photos are coming soon for all of these figures. Until then, check out the great packaging, card art and file cards!

    1994 Overview - 3DJOES

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    I really dig the card art and figure shots too, it's some work I'm sure to do all this

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    Quote Originally Posted by turner View Post
    I really dig the card art and figure shots too, it's some work I'm sure to do all this
    Thanks for saying that. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it. Just for 1994 I shot ~2,000 photos (to make sure I got a perfect shot of each), then I whittled that down to around 200 photos. From there I go into Photoshop and crop, skew, warp, color correct, clone stamp major defects, and blow out the white parts for seamless edges on the site.... you can see a few sample before and after photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...1&l=b007d9c194

    It's a beast, but what I'm building will last forever, and that is a great feeling!

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    The card art is a cool thing to me.


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