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    The 1994 Battle Corps figures are posted!

    Hasbro released 14 carded Battle Corps figures and one final Battle Corps driver in 1994. These figures were produced in both China and Indonesia, which resulted in several paint app variants. To compound matters further, Hasbro also changed the card art on some figures from the older horizontal logo (with a red or blue laser backdrop) to a new vertical logo (with a red or blue to black gradient background). There are thirty+ known 1994 Battle Force variants featuring various packaging and paint app combinations. We've been hard at work documenting them all! This was a TON of work, so I hope you have a great time looking back on these.

    The 1994 Battle Corps introduced only one new Joe, Ice Cream Soldier. Many old Joes were given a redesign, like Dial-Tone, Flint, Lifeline, Shipwreck (a new personal favorite) and Stalker. Several Cobras enjoyed a redesign, including Major Bludd, Metal-Head and the Vipers. All in all, it was another colorful year revisiting many of my old favorites. I still could have done without all of the neon, but hey, it was the 90s, so I can't blame Hasbro entirely.

    Check them out over on the 1994 figure overview!
    1994 Overview - 3DJOES

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    Love the one with Larry Hama

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    Quote Originally Posted by turner View Post
    Love the one with Larry Hama
    Me too. It was one of my all time proudest moments when he posted that :-)

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    The 1994 Star Brigade figures are posted!

    Hasbro released 14 carded Star Brigade figures and two final Star Brigade drivers in 1994. These figures are fun as all get out, if you can check your preconceptions of what G.I. Joe should be at the door. The Star Brigade subset introduced three aliens from the Lunartix Empire: Carcass the alien destroyer, Lobotomaxx the stellar explorer, and Predacon the alien bounty hunter. All three had unique features like bendable arms, a bendable tail and neck, and a four arm torso. They really pushed the limits of toy design with these figures.

    The 1994 Star Brigade introduced several new characters: Cobra Blackstar, Effects, Gears and Space Shot. Many classic figures were given a space-ready redesign, like Cobra Commander, Duke, Roadblock, and Sci-Fi.

    Several of the 1994 Star Brigade figures came with unique action pack like accessories. Cobra Commander's "Cobra Space Crawler" was a climbing harness attached to a suction cup wheel, which enabled him to travel along the underbelly of smooth surfaces. Fun stuff!

    Check them all out over on the 1994 figure overview!

    1994 Overview - 3DJOES

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We did it! Every single A Real American Hero figure is now documented on 3DJoes!

    3DJoes.com was born back on August 24th, 2012. It only took us 14 months to document every figure released from the monumental "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" collection. This has been a tremendous journey and we could not have done it without contributions and support from many of you. So, to everyone that helped get the word out, contributed pieces from their collection, donated photos, spent time slaving away at the light box, gave emotional support, and especially those that have bought posters to help offset the costs of maintaining 3DJoes.... THANK YOU!

    Today we roll out the last of the 1994 figures: the 30th Anniversary figures. These beautiful figures took us back to the basics, and after a few brightly colored years with mostly outlandish concepts it was a much appreciated return to the military roots of G.I. Joe. They first released the Action Marine, Pilot, Sailor, and Soldier individually, and then they later released a boxed set including those four (with some tweaks) and a new Action Pilot Astronaut with a space capsule! What a fun end to the A Real American Hero run, and how appropriate to look back at where G.I. Joe began and pay tribute. Check them out over on the 1994 figure overview!

    1994 Overview - 3DJOES

    P.S. Don't worry, 3DJoes isn't done yet. Next we will document the large 1982-1986 vehicles and then we're moving on to 87-94. Yo Joe!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love GI Joe card art? Me too! The classes of 1988 and 1989 have reported for duty over on The G.I. Joe Yearbook. Now you can browse every carded Joe and Cobra from the 80s on one page.

    The G.I. Joe Yearbook: A Visual Index of Carded Figures - 3DJOES

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    Hey Joe fans. I just finished up the "Carded 3DJoes" wallpaper for your PC. Check it out!

    You can buy it here if ya want (only $2!). All proceeds help pay for 3DJoes.com
    Desktop wallpaper - 3DJOES

    Oh, and of you want it customized with your favorite of the 49 carded 82-85 figures in place of the 1982 Cobra (my favorite), just let me know and I can do that.

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    "3DJoes of the 90s" is now ready to order!

    The second and final "A Real American Hero" figure poster is here! It features every figure from 1990-1994. That's a whopping 241 figures on one 24"x36" poster!

    The two 80s and 90s posters side by side show every figure released during the G.I. Joe A Real American Hero run (which lasted from 1982-1994). Order yours today and be one of the first to have every single ARAH Joe and Cobra on two beautiful posters! Thanks for supporting 3DJoes!

    3DJoes of the 90s - 3DJOES

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    I ordered mine. Not only will this poster look cool, it will be educational. I don't really know much of the figures from 92 on.

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    Same here, well two years ago or so! I didn't know much beyond 1990 because that's when I got out as a kid.

    Once I started 3DJoes and committed to cover all of ARAH, it was a heck of a lotta fun collecting and then getting to know 1991-1994.

    Yeah, there's a lot of neon and a lot of duplicative, not very well paired up weapons (especially when they started using the weapons trees)... but there's also a TON of great figures in there that o-ring collectors should look twice at. 1994 Shipwreck for instance is now one of my favorite figures.

    Thanks again for the support!


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