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    It's time to go back to the future with the 1987 Battle Force 2000!

    The Battle Force 2000 vehicles have arrived over on the 1987 vehicle overview!

    1987 Overview - 3DJOES

    All six of these vehicles are courtesy of our friends at the Yo Joe Outlet. Please visit them on eBay! The six 1987 Battle Force 2000 vehicles combine to form the Future Fortress, "the most indestructible stronghold in the world!” so be sure to scroll down on each vehicle page to check that out.

    We are still looking for photos of these vehicle boxes, as well as scans of the blueprints. Please message me if you'd like to contribute to 3DJoes!

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    New box art on 3DJoes!

    We are constantly fleshing out the archive with new box art photos! Check out the latest additions:
    1987 BF 2000 Vector, Sky Sweeper and Dominator, 1987 Battle Gear and Vehicle Gear Accessory Packs, 1988 DEMON (on Ferret's page) and Tiger Fly (on Recondo's v2 page), 1991 Air Commandos Cloudburst, 1993 Starfighter (on Sci-Fi's v2 page) and Ghoststriker X-16 (on Ace's v2 page).

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    Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes & Timber statue, now appearing on 3DJoes!
    Snake Eyes Statue - 3DJOES

    Also, now for sale on eBay!
    G I Joe Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Statue 1982 1985 Snake Eyes and Timber | eBay

    I hate to sell 'em, but this tax season wasn't kind to me!

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    Sideshow Collectibles Storm Shadow statue, now appearing on 3DJoes!
    Storm Shadow Statue - 3DJOES

    Also, now for sale on eBay!
    G I Joe Cobra Ninja Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Statue 1984 Storm Shadow | eBay

    I hate to sell 'em, but this tax season wasn't kind to me!

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    The Cobra Missile Command Headquarters has arrived!

    The 1982 Cobra Missile Command Headquarters is the only G.I. Joe playset ever made out of cardboard. It is also the only playset or vehicle to feature product photography rather than illustration on the front of the box. The MCHQ was only sold at Sears and is quite rare. Due to the materials it is extremely fragile, and finding one in decent condition can be quite a task. This set is one of the "holy grails" of 1980s Joe collecting.

    MCHQ: Missile Command Headquarters - 3DJOES

    1982 is polished and complete!

    To wrap up 1982, I decided to take another pass in Photoshop on all of the file cards and box art photos. I have been steadily improving the photo editing since beginning the site less than two years ago, so the 1982 photos were due for a refresh. Be sure to check out all of the 1982 figure and vehicle pages to see the improved photos!

    1982 figures: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - 1982 Figures - Overview - 3DJOES
    1982 vehicles: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - 1982 Vehicles - Overview - 3DJOES

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    Are you ready for some action?

    The 1987 Motorized Action Packs have arrived!

    There were eight Motorized Action Packs released in 1987, featuring windup motors and an on/off switches. I had several of these as a kid and I remember really enjoying them. From the Earth Borer's spinning chrome tip, to the Helicopter's rotating blades, to the Pom-Pom's recoiling barrels, they added so much fun to play time. Check them all out today over on the 1987 Vehicle overview!

    1987 Overview - 3DJOES

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    The BF 2000 vehicles all have blueprints now, thanks to Tim (aka Tolan). Check em out over on the 1987 Vehicle Overview!

    1987 Overview - 3DJOES

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    3DJoes is headed to Atlanta!

    JoeLanta is next weekend, March 15th-16th, in Atlanta Georgia.

    I'll have a table in the dealer overflow room and I'll come stocked with 3DJoes posters, carded ARAH figures and some modern exclusives. Come by, say hello, buy a poster and wish me happy birthday! (I'm turning 35 on Sunday the 16th)

    Yo Joe!

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    My buddy Matt at Vintage3DJoes has been BUSY, adding over 40 new pages of adventure team goodness!

    Check em out:
    1970-76 Adventure Team - Vintage3DJoes


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