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    Seven new 1987 vehicles have arrived!

    The G.I. Joe Persuader, Road Toad, and S.L.A.M., the Dreadnok Cycle, and the Cobra Buzz Boar, Jet Pack and Sea Ray have all arrived on the 1987 Vehicle Overview page. Also, the rest of the 1987 vehicle pages are up, with box art and blueprints for almost all of them. If you have something that we are missing, and you want to contribute to 3DJoes then please contact us via Facebook or Twitter!

    1987 Overview - 3DJOES

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    Check out this awesome Defiant illustration from the 1987 "Live the Adventure - Operation Space Station" booklet.

    This and tons of other new scans are posted in the Catalogs section!

    Catalogs - 3DJOES

    Look for these new additions:
    1984 catalogs and offers page: "For GI Joe Team Members Only" (orange version)

    1987 catalogs and offers page: "Live the Adventure - Operation Space Station" and four Steel Brigade offers.

    1988 catalogs and offers page: "Operation Blackout" catalog, "Top Secret: The Dance of Doom" catalog, "Is This the End of Serpentor?" figure insert, Face Camo figure insert and Super Trooper figure insert.

    1990 catalogs and offers page: "The Incredible Shrinking Joes!" catalog.

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    Almost to JoeLanta! Come see us tomorrow and Sunday. We're bringing posters, sigma 6, Sideshow, HotToys, KREO and vintage ARAH!

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    The G.I. Joe Yearbook is complete!

    Love G.I. Joe card art? Me too! Now you can browse every carded figure from the ARAH line (1982-1994) by simply scanning the card art! Simply click the carded figure to go to that figure's page and see their 3D photos, card backs and file cards.

    The G.I. Joe Yearbook: A Visual Index of Carded Figures - 3DJOES

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    More 1987 vehicles have arrived! Tiger Force Coming soon.

    The Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball and the Coastal Defender have arrived. Bounce on over to the 1987 Vehicle Overview to see them all!

    1987 Overview - 3DJOES

    PS/ The Tiger Force vehicles are coming soon!

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    The 1988 Tiger Force Vehicles are underway. We've just scratched the surface with the Tiger Fly and Tiger Cat, so stay tuned for more!

    Tiger Cat - 3DJOES

    Tiger Fly - 3DJOES

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    Miss Community last night? I've embedded it over on 3DJoes!

    Community - G.I. Jeff - 3DJOES

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    In honor of JoeCon 2014 - over too soon:

    1991 Septic Tank - 360 spin on Arqspin

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    I spend a LOT of time in Photoshop: first I crop, skew and warp if needed to make a perfectly squared image. Then I white balance, color correct, and adjust brightness and contrast. Finally, I use a clone tool and a paintbrush to fix any imperfections that are within my abilities to fix.

    I hope to one day to make two books with all of these images, one for 1982-1994 carded figures and one for 1982-1994 vehicles!

    Want to see more vehicle art? Links to these new additions are on the updates page: Nullifier's A.G.P., Skidmark's Desert Fox, Star-Viper's Stellar Stilettto, Hot Seat's Raider, Overlord’s Dictator and Updraft's Retaliator.

    3DJoes updates! - 3DJOES

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    The 1988 vehicle box art and blueprints are posted!

    1988 Overview - 3DJOES

    A huge THANK YOU to Page and Greg Wagner, Tim Dz, Chris Cardillo, Crowemag Toys and the Yo Joe Outlet for their contributions!!!


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