Real lengths of accessory hoses?

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    Real lengths of accessory hoses?

    Does anyone know the lengths of the supposed 3 types of accessory hoses, as outlined by, short/medium/long? I bought a length of hose and need to cut it up.......


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    I'm not sure about actual sizes of hose. I found an electronics store that has rolls of hose thats almost the exact diameter if the stuff for the joes. I just bought the whole roll and cut it to whatever legnth I want. I like to wrap it around figures arms and maybe a few passes around the pack or somthing for extra effect. That also have the hose in a few colors. I'm thinking of buying some peices of yellow.

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    Is there a name on the package? I have looked everywhere for this and have no luck. Can I get this at home depot? I sure did not find any though.How much did the whole roll cost?
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    In Europe the lastest craze is called "ScoobyDoo" (officially it is spelled different than the cartoon). It flew over from France. It is some sort of creative knotting and is done with small electrical insulation hoses.

    One of the members at the Dutch board said diameter of these hoses was the same as accessory hose. Same day I bought a pack myself and it fits perfectly!

    They come in colour assortment packs of 100 stings, 36 inch each and, this is the best part, 89 eurocents, which will be around 1.10USD!

    Now I got more hose than Joes!


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