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    Exclamation FREE Yojoe Exclusive *BARBECUE* DIODRAMA

    Hi All,
    We have just posted a NEW and EXCLUSIVE FREE DIODRAMA for Yojoe members on our website. This time it's a classic Joe!
    If you follow this link:

    you'll be taken to the download page. You will also be able view all our other Joe / Cobra downloads. We have also put up a load on ebay but would advise you to purchase direct through the website - as its cheaper.

    Also we have now added facilities to our website so that DIODRAMA's can be ordered for delivery through the mail. If you order this way you will get your chosen displays posted to you, pre-printed professionally on card, so all you have to do is assemble them.

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    I clicked on the link but it still takes me to the Outback dio eventhough the BBQ one is pictured. Thanks.

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    yea that happened to me when i clicked on the highlighted words. it worked when i clicked on the picture though. so try that.
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    Ok the link is fixed now - should all work fine.


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