GeeWunner takes the Lego ball and runs with it... G.I. Joe style!

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    GeeWunner takes the Lego ball and runs with it... G.I. Joe style!

    It seems like only yesterday I was fondly talking about G.I. Joe Kre-O and other building block sets that work with them... oh yeah. It was yesterday.

    One of the folks who popped into my comments area asked a very logical question... "why not Lego?" It's funny, I spent so much time writing about the other various building block sets I forgot to mention the grand daddy of them all, Lego. I think part of the reason is because Lego has had a long standing hesitation to explore realistic military themes with their sets, but all it takes is a little creativity to get past that obstacle.

    That's where GeeWunner comes in. As one might imagine from his screen name, he's a Transformers fan at heart, and he made himself known in the custom Lego realm with some incredible Transformer Lego sets that actually transform. Yes, this was long before Hasbro entered the game with Built To Rule or Kre-O. As his skills evolved, he has now entered into the G.I. Joe side of things, and has demonstrated an uncanny ability to make very nice vintage themed vehicles. He already has many happy G.I. Joe fan customers, but I wanted to get the word out because these sets look really impressive and I want him to get some kudos for what he's done.

    You can read more about GeeWunner's custom Lego background on his website, and see what he's done for G.I. Joe Lego sets here. He also has an eBay store that you can check out below. I should be getting my hands on some of these sets and I'll be doing a more in depth review of them at that point, but until now, enjoy the pictures, and poke around his eBay store, you might find something you like!

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Name:	02_AWE_Striker.jpg 
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    Lego Skyhawk? YES PLEASE!!!

    Just looked through his listing..

    He's got some sweet stuff. Great prices too.
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