Ebay MOC mis-representation


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    Ebay MOC mis-representation

    Thought I'd point out that there is a MOC Destro on Ebay that claims to be Japanese, but is actually Chinese. I'm no Joe expert, but was doing some window shopping on ebay and noticed the listing, and I happen to read Chinese. I don't know if the seller is unaware of the difference, or if this is deception, but if you look closely at the bottom of the back of the card, you'll notice text saying "made in China". I'm not a serious collector, and I don't know if the listing is it's true value, but thought I'd point this out anyway. And I do know the difference between Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji. Listing below:

    G I JOE Arah Destro MOC Japanese Great Condition | eBay

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    The seller probably made a mistake and have you contacted the seller to point out the mistake?

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    I guess I've just encountered too many of these kinds of "mistakes" in my ebay dealings. It's so easy for a seller to claim the mis-representation as a "mistake" only after he's been called out... Either way, I've contacted the seller.
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    Looks like the seller has changed Japanese to Chinese. Honest mistake I guess.

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    I can't really blame the seller too much. To those that have no idea about the differences between Japanese and Chinese writing, it can be easily confused. Besides, most Joe collectors looking for either of them will certainly know the difference. I have a full set of Japanese carded figures myself. They are awesome!

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    You're right, I guess I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions as not everyone can tell the difference. As I understand, the Japanese figures are more desirable for collectors than the Chinese one's and fetch higher prices, which is why I thought it may have been a mis-representation...

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    The seller may have simply made a mistake and doesn't really know what he has.
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