IDW GIJOE arah 193

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    IDW GIJOE arah 193

    *****spoilers in thread*****

    The build up to the epic issue 200 starts here.
    This issue reminded me of the attack on Springfield with all the Joes gearing up and moving out.
    The cover says it all.
    Loved the comment by Ripcord.
    The old joke about Ghost Rider was in here too.
    The Blue Ninjas are back, and they are improved; unknown to the joes, the events in Sierra Gordo are their doing.
    Jinx and Pale Peony have stumbled onto their task given to them by Osake Obasaan.
    Rock N Roll's miraculous memory jog from last issue disappears.
    Tons of Joes in this issue.
    Lots of references to the old Marvel run too.
    A good issue, but the art suffers, probably because there are so many Joes crammed into each panel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    Tons of Joes in this issue.
    Including MORE dead ones!


    I pitched a fit when this happened with Sneak Peek, but it doesn't matter anymore. Just read it and have fun.

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    The IDW forums have invested a little more time into this issue and numbered the joes on the pages.
    Several people commented on how poor the art was, making it very difficult to figure out who was who. Another person conjectured that since this issue had a fill in artist in Gallant's place, (Cariello) It is possible that they just searched the archives for characters at random to put in the background.
    Here is the link to the thread, and I have mirrored the scans here with the numbers that "Torpedo" put up.
    It was also pointed out that Wild Bill was colored as Recondo, he says those conasrned and has glassses which should be sunglasses, also the hat is definitely not Recondo's. well maybe Wild Bill got himself a nice yellow jacket.
    Another "flub" was that one character may be Iceberg (to the left of CoverGirl in the mess hall) but again, the coloring was off, same with BBQ (#11 colored like skidmark).

    IDW Publishing Forums • View topic - G.I. Joe: ARAH #193 Preview/Discussion *SPOILERS*

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