*****possible spoilers in thread*****

Zartan's IDW origin gets retold. Again.
Good thing some Joes just happened to get captured so he could do that again.
The new IDW 'noks are an interesting lot.
They must like alligator/croc wrestling. Don't know why they would name a crocodile salty. Salt water crocodile...eh, ok.
I did not like Heartwrencher being anything more than Zartan's sex toy as was implied. Even if she was a DDP creation she and Zanya have been embraced by the fandom nonetheless.
and Thrasher is a kid? really? I know they want to make this universe different but...I digress.
ok Joes, get your pals outta there, so we can move on to bigger better issues.
Spirit was handled well enough, seems to be a different character than the one in Hearts and Minds.
an ok intro for the dreadnoks. I guess.