um... free?

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Thread: um... free?

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    um... free?

    well i think i am feeling good today i know its not the best prize but its somthing free:
    here is what ill give you if guess my favorite band(1 guess per person if ou guess more then one i will only look at your first guess)(you have your pick of)
    1 hydro viper
    1 Cobra C.L.A.W.S.
    1 Roadblock v9
    1 Frostbite v4
    1 Storm Shadow v10
    i realize it isnt much... but its free so hey!
    so yeah there will be 2 winners because i picked 2 bands/ groups. But i think i will have to ask $.75 (notice the point) shipping b/c i have like no money right now, but still thats not alot! and its pretty much free!
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    My Guess

    Cold Slither

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    um i am 16 so think of what kinds of music 16 yr olds like.... and no not barney

    bands that arent my favorite:
    Cold Slither
    Velvet Revolver
    Linkin Park
    Good Charlotte
    Children of Bodom
    Rob Zombie
    slip knot
    Boy George
    Insain Clown Posse
    Stone Temple Pilots
    black flagg
    Fear Factory
    Graz73 has been closest with system of a down...err i always put the 2 together

    time for a hint one is a metal band (ill tell what the other one is tomoro.)
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    Linkin Park?
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    Rob Zombie?
    Been a long time guys, hope you remember me.

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    slip knot? man I don't even know if I spelled it right... Gosh I'm getting old.

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